Monday, May 9, 2016

Sunday @ Inspire Community Garden

The Sunny Sunday Workout.

I walked into the garden and straight away noticed that they now have a garden wooden shredder; very impressed indeed.

They were trimming down the felled branches to put into the shredder.

I saw that Nick had arrived to see the progression of what he had flattened last Sunday.

I saw the group all working on the vegetable plots.

There's been so much done in such a small amount of time and to actually have vegetables growing right here; right now........I'm flabbergasted......!

There's no stopping this group and all I'm doing is to click away to take pictures and I (to be quite honest) just get exhausted watching them toiling away on the soil.
They take my breath away.........

You see......I must have picked the best straw with this group; I love to see what they are creating.

This has been fantastic to watch all the progress that they have done.

They have planted onions and lettuce on the left and potatoes are under the mounds on the right
hand side of the plot.
Nick was about to leave and he called me over and opened up his saddlebag and mentioned he had a present for me?

I opened my eyes with glee as he gave me a bag which was full to the brim with lots & lots & lots & lots of colourful Acrylic Paints.
There's so many scenes I'd like to try to create so it's time to put brushes to the canvas.

Next job needed was a medic as people has nicks from the brambles and blisters on the hands.
(I hope they don't realise that I'm Dr Quinn Medicine Woman?)

It was time to rest and sit down for a tea/coffee and packed lunches.
Good Call.....

Resting under the shade of the tree and nourishing the body.

It was so hot and sunny the group really needed the shelter under the tree as thirst was quenched

Later; it was time to pack up the table & chairs, the outdoor kettle and all the garden equipment.

What a beautiful sight of sun & shade on the land under the trees.

I think a Sunday dinner and a hot bath would be a dream come true.

To be continued......................................

P.S. Would any local company or person like to donate a composting toilet and/or a site cabin; something like one of those haulage containers?

Growing up; I've learned from my parents;
I was told that if there was anything that you ever wished for; all you have to do is Just Ask!
So all I'm doing is Just Asking........ (I'll cross my fingers....just in-case!)

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