Monday, May 2, 2016

May Day - Inspire Community Garden & Arthur Scargill

Bank Holiday Monday - May Day - May Day - May Day!!!

I went to the Market to view the stalls as it wasn't your run of the mill stalls today.
I found the Headway and Inspire Community Garden stalls as they were back to back of each other and sharing the middle space of the stalls. Some of the pictures were from yesterdays time at Inspire Community Garden showing the progress that has happened over the last few weeks.
There was paper and pen available for anyone who wished to join the volunteering garden list which was very positive due to the names on the list.

Catherine and Alice came to say hello and then it was Exit time as the music could be heard for the dancers who were next to perform.
I said; "Sharon, who's this behind me?"

It started to rain so it was time for a wee cuppa!
When we finished our coffee's it was time to head back to the stalls.
I mentioned: "Where's everyone gone?"
We headed for one of the halls as there was some speakers about to begin and she knew that Chris would be there. We entered the room and the speakers had begun so we stood at the edge of the full room and listened to what was on their topic.
Speakers were putting their words across the floor and a few replies came back from the seats and then the next speaker was........Arthur Scargill...........Gulp!

I didn't realise who was on the stage platform?
Well, at least we found Chris....Phewww!

A Selfie with Arthur Scargill

Note to self; who's company I'm in.
This is the 2nd time to meet in 3 days!

"You can't really take me anywhere these days!"

Sharon's smiling so that's a plus as I'm just "Hingin' aboot with them!"

What a lovely end to an unexpected Bank Holiday Monday in Chesterfield.
When it rains look for rainbows.
When it's dark look for stars.


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