Saturday, October 8, 2016

Chesterfield College Week 3 - Foundation Diploma Art & Design

Six images will come from my visit to the Exchange Place Studios exhibition September 16th 2016

1. I love the bold colour on both paintings of Sheffield Town Hall and the daring orange fire sky.
John Wilshire, in the picture with me is the artist of these creations. He was inspired by Claude Monet's series of paintings of the west facade of Rouen Cathedral and what great results in his art.

2. The person who has influenced me so much in art is Karen Davies, artist & tutor.
Karen paints some wonderful pieces of landscape and when I look at her pieces that I've seen before they have brought me forward to the scene as if I'm standing at the scene painted, there is atmosphere oozing out of her paintings.

Karen's landscape artwork.

3. Deborah Lee, artist; has made some bright abstract pieces with her mark-making of colours she works with.

She mentions in the exhibition catalogue that she played with the balance of colour and the intensity to express a cheerful mood. I did become cheerful just looking at this piece.

4. Jacky Kilvington, artist; the written words from The Presence of Colour says "my inspiration of my 1920's wedding hat which is subtly coloured. I applied streaks and blobs of colour with a palate knife and brush but they obviously wanted to sing"

'My Wedding Hat'

"The Goat was inspired by the patterns made by walls and paths in a ravine. I then added streaks, blobs and splashes of colours that sang! A goats head just appeared."
'The Goat'

5. Myfanwy Williams, artist: says
" My work is strongly influenced by my passion for colour. Colour stimulates the heart and the mind of the viewer, and has done so since the earliest of civilisations. The language of colour, which is hugely idiosyncratic, has a poetic vocabulary and quality.
I use colour as a way of depicting the fraught passage of ideas from the interior to the exterior world in my imagined, psychological landscapes, such as in "Landmarks", I begin by responding to fragments of my own photographs and then allowing the work to develop intuitively into abstract images.

6. Eleri Bates, artist says;
"The accomplishment of work, for me, is deeply rooted in the process. In fact the piece itself often dictates the process and I comply. Starting work with the materials and building up to the image as the final layer, rather than using materials as a means to an end, reflects the inherent importance of the materials properties.

It's been very interesting to see these exhibition pieces of Art.

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