Saturday, October 15, 2016

I Forgive U 2 & now will forget U2

Well, Well, Well Janiece & David Wallace.......Sister & Brother-In-Law
I'm not amused with both of you and to think that you really thought you could get away with this care towards me!
Your care was a 5 letter word named GREED!
I was that puppet on your string....Shame on U Both!
You let me fight for my life and you ignored what my son said to you about me being disorientated and violently sick the night before. Your reply was "Ignore her, she's drunk!"
I ended up in hospital the next day because My son Robert Murray Love was the one who phoned the ambulance the next day when he got back to your house 2:30/45pm after his work
Janiece, (who had a business from home) you let me lay in your home for 15 hours when I was fighting for my life and You Done Nothing!
I Forgive You......because I have a heart...
Let's hope you can both live with what you have both done towards me.
I've found out that you evicted my son from your home 5 days after I was put in an induced coma at Hallamshire Hospital.... SHAME on U 2
You put me in debt living with Guinness and I have just finished paying off all the arrears. You used my monies to pay your home business named The Pole House through Hallis Hudson (Ooh, lots of pennies spent there!) You spent MY money £304:80 on 12/02/2013 at Annie Mo's, Aberdeen on Old Saddle Sand Maria, Old Saddle Sand Gulliver, Fudge Gents Rucksack. Old Saddle Sand Handbag & Old Saddle Sand Cindy , you had a desire for nice purses and handbag/gents rucksack. I now see from my bank statements that were sent to me (at no cost!) from the Clydesdale Bank in Dunoon. The manager from the Clydesdale Bank called me back to Dunoon to copy and listen to your recorded call to the Clydesdale Bank to get access into my bank account; how clever you are!
You have left a paper trail and just to let you know that I have all the paperwork and have sent copies to ALL the appropriate people..
Well, at least I know it was ME who paid for the Salou Holiday and the Butlins Holiday. I've been getting rid of all your old crochery, plates, cups, bed linen, know.....all your old shitty stuff as you must have spent my monies on lovely things for yourself....
p.s. Mr Patel is unhappy at what you've done and now It's time to write...........I actually amaze myself.......

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