Thursday, October 13, 2016

Chesterfield College Week 5 - Foundation Diploma Art & Design

The end of the week was;

Foundation A&D & Extended Diploma A&D at Chesterfield College
Week 5 (w/c 10 Oct)

You are to research, write about and present one of these Postmodern movements or groups:

1  Dada
2  Pop Art  
3  YBAs
4  Conceptualism
5  Earth or Land Art
6  Feminism
7  Fluxus

You’ll be given the movement or group to research. Make appropriate notes sufficient to introduce:
- details, dates, place, etc.
- key ideas of the movement;
- 4 key artists or the movement or group. Show illustrations
- the key ideas of Postmodernism it involves
- a statement on how this movement or group impacts on your own activity.

I joined the next group who have knowledge of Art and they know what all the above 1-7 words are.....
Me !!!....... I know nothing; yet again...!
At a loss with this word so I'll continue with what I've learnt on today's subject. 

Good news now........ Shock/Horror!
The group picked YBA's................and I asked "What is YBA's???"

I found out that the YBA's are Young British Artists..... I'll give myself 10/10 for new knowledge..... "Thanks girls!"

I knew nothing about the movements or groups to research but they asked me to pick a person on the YBA's list that was found on The Tate page for their research to do...
I just looked at the pictures to see if the faces looked interesting and the person I picked was Angus Fairhurst.
I thought that he looked interesting and it looked that he was of Scottish parents with his name.
He was actually born on the 4th October 1966 in Pembury, Kent.
Well, he was brought up as far away from Scotland that I thought !

He was working in installation, photography and video.
He had a solo show at the Sadie Coles Gallery in London and sadly he hanged himself in a wood in Scotland in the Bridge of Orchy, north of Loch Lomond on the last day of his solo art event. 
What a loss being only 41years young,,,,

Angus Fairhurst - The Forgotten Man

One of the pieces on show was "Unprinted II" etching on paper.

Photos taken on mobile from the internet.....

You learn something new every day.............

To Be Continued............

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