Monday, October 24, 2016

Inspire Community Garden - Sunday 23rd October

As I walked through the gates, I was very impressed when I seen a lot of new faces in the garden.
There was apple pickers picking apples with their apple rods and the Harvest Day apple juicer was busy pressing the apples to make some fresh apple juice.........
There was a big pile of Manure that the group could use from a local farmer so;
"Thank You Mr & Mrs Farmer; what a wonderful gift!"
"I happily didn't expect to see what I was seeing!"

You can see the strength being used to press the apples as you look at the eyes under the bobble hat.
I was exhausted just watching this.

It's a busy day for the wheelbarrows going from here to there and back again........
I call it YoYo Wheelbarrowing!

If you were to ask me the names of these types of lettuce; I'd just say "They look healthy and pretty Eh!"
(That's my education done for the day!)

The gutter is getting cleared and this Sunflowers head looks like a face with flowers around it's head.

The apples can stain your skin for a short time when you've been making the apple juice.

It's quite interesting when I capture the designs that the sun makes through the camera and I've just noticed the black circle in the centre of the sun.

 As the garden continues to grow there's always time to go for a walk, hand-in-hand......

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