Thursday, October 13, 2016

Chesterfield College Week 5 - Foundation & Diploma Art & Design

The first day of week 5 was very interesting as it started with.....
A meeting from/about UCAS and as you can see from my writing "I know nothing about Art!" then the Art & Design team spoke about the word CONNECT.
There can be so many connections that happen in our life but have we ever really paid attention to all the connections that happen to us day by day?
I've had so many accidental connections these days and I think;
"Has my life been written already and am I just living it now.....?"
It makes you think!

That morning I joined a workshop and the topic was about CONNECT.
We had to create some kind of space area, hanging mobile or wall art out of 3 words. Each group had 3 different words and ours were ....... Knit    Chain   &   Link

The word Knit came into play with the mind map that started and we chose a spider's web. A spider knits it's web and chains each link to create the Spider Web so here is the days creation by pictures.....  Finger knitting started straight away.

Then we wove the metal thread through gauze.

There's still time for some humour with the little creepy crawlies in the web....

I did some knitting on break-time.

Then I looked at all the other creations that day.

Great creations made from all groups from just 3 words.

It's been great to see how people use the brain to create something from 3 little words........ Magnificent...

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