Saturday, October 1, 2016

Chesterfield College Week 1 - Foundation Diploma Art & Design

                                                  Who am I & What have I done
Week 1
I am Pauline Quinn and I have no knowledge of Art.................
Shock Horror! Don't Despair !
I've always done hobbies of design- knit my own jumpers and Silversmithing.
Art only came into my life after suffering from a grade 3 Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage on 19th July 2011
I lost the ability to walk and talk and after 7 months in hospital I received a Shunt in the head which allowed me to speak and have movement again.
Art came into my life as therapy, art has brought me back from being lost in space in my life.
(It sounds a bit weird but I understand what I'm saying!)

Art & Design Education
I did part-time Silversmithing from 2007/8 as a hobby and received these Scottish certificates.
Nurses @ Northern General Hospital, Osborn 4, Sheffield; Art Therapy & WEA Art Class

Most Influenced to Date
Karen Davies, Artist, tutor at WEA Art Class Chesterfield

I don't think there's any need for me to put down 6 Artists that have influenced me to do this course, otherwise I'd just be picking out names just to make up something to say about them.
Now; if, I was at an Art Gallery or museum then I would look at what is on show and I would be interested in what I saw.
I never really thought that Art would turn up to be a big part of my life these days.......Such is life!
I'll just put down a few names and why they've influenced me.

1. Vincent Van Gogh

I went to Amsterdam as part of my Silversmithing course and that's when I came across the Vincent Van Gogh Museum.
I actually bought a print of the Sunflowers whilst there.
That was the biggest thing I've ever done in my life  to do with Art, to buy a print.

2. Karen Davies

Artist & Tutor @ WEA Chesterfield

Karen Davies has influenced me as I've been attending the WEA Art Class every week since autumn 2013 and I have improved greatly since the very first class.
Art is a great therapy for me medically.

Karen invited me to an exhibition of 15 local artists at Exchange Place Studios Sheffield and it was interesting to see all that was on show.
Karen wrote:
My work is deeply rooted in the landscape. Places that resonate within us, evoking atmosphere and presence. Connection with past and present. The process of layering both in the landscape and the paintings, scraping back, revealing what has been before.

Hazy grey days

Sun hidden white

Colour obscured in the shadows

Clouds move, light reveals

transient glow.

3. Julie H Winter
Artist, Tutor, B&B Host

The car broke down at Glen Afton when travelling South to Sheffield, car went in for repair so I booked into the local Afton Water B&B and came across Julie H Winter, Artist, Tutor and the B&B Host and kept in touch.

When going through art therapy at Osborn 4, the nurse who cared for me studied at University with this Artist.... Julie H Winter.
Hopefully will go next spring and have a painting weekend  at Afton Water B&B


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