Saturday, January 4, 2014

10th Dec onwards to The Mayor's X-Mas Party at The Town Hall in Chesterfield.

Catherine Clinton

This was an art day which we put some
pieces up on the wall.
It was a great piece from Catherine Clinton that went up. It was the lady and baby which she used to photocopy and make her own Christmas Cards.
It's like Mary and the baby.
I used chalk on the paper version of my painting then I done two Palm Trees in chalk, the Palm Trees is the picture that I seen in her LoobyLoo earlier. She went out of her way and made me lunch at her home before our Art Class.
Have you ever heard so much giggling that day..............Yes! We heard the giggling.........It was us <---
Pauline Quinn

I looked at this and thought of a Galaxy.

It was the art day

Me on the Galaxy

My adaption of the Galaxy

I fancy a wee bar of Galaxy now!!!
Santa's Band

The BoogieWoogie Snowman

I had an excellent afternoon talking to Poppy Smith. we spoke about wishes and great words for the future. She will do well.
Poppy shall do a blog soon as part of her exams; she will go onto Journalism.
I said to her;
"Have a wee think and do a blog about me from other peoples sides; that would be very interesting!"
I would really like to know what others say and think about me; from the journalist view.
We'll see!
I was about to go "Dancing In The Rain!"

The water done the right thing and started to dance.......

Then I met Mayur, my ex-work colleague.
I have so much time for him with pleasure.

 Lunch at Piccolinos; Sheffield.

What's next! I will be sensible in the New Year! (I Hope!)

Hmmm! Fruit Salad......Honestly!!! (-*-*-)

What is it with Butterflies these days!

Rudolph doesn't half get around these days!

I went to Sheffield and needed to get a X-Mas Party Dress for the Town Hall.
I seem to be getting bigger with this medication.
Why does medication do this to you?
I have no answers.......Do You!!!

I stopped over at Janiece's whilst I was out in Sheffield to get a party dress. The next day she drove me to get Chris and drop us off at the Specialist Stroke Services. I invited her in to see who they are and see what happens there.
It started off as she was offered a wee cuppa and thennn...............She stayed all day long with us.
She had never experienced anything like this before. It opens your eyes; believe me!

Janiece and Jean knowing and learning about a sister and a husband.
They tell each other what they go through, it's not just about us; it's about families, friends, supporters, it's a long tangled list here which goes on and on and on.
What does that say;.............It's a long Cuppa!

Julie Wheelhouse keeping us all informed.

The Banter here is fantastic; great humour.

Tom is just saying to Wendy What is What these days!
A special award; Wendy received The Inspiration Award.

During the conversation, I can put down all my issues, black is black and white is white, Nae Bother!

Janiece sits and listens to all that I say, she understands.

I do Moan & Groan a lot!

Janiece stood there and smiled at me as she knows what I'm going through!

Janiece has gone through so much
to be there for me. She started going to the gym every day to keep herself fitter; to look after me mentally and physically.
God Bless You Janiece, I appreciate so much. ThanX XXX
The families brought in their dogs, a holiday treat.

When I finished at the SSS, Janiece dropped me off in Chesterfield as I was meeting Catherine for a cuppa.
She was going to walk with me up to the Town Hall for the X-Mas Party at 6:30pm
The Mayor had invited me to his X-Mas Party in The Town Hall; very posh!
I actually felt honoured at being invited at this big event.
It actually took me back; I'm flabbergahsted !
We were dancing all our way there.

Tap Dancing; shuffle hop tap

This is me in The Town Hall; Golly, Gosh!

Catherine held my hand and told me I'd be fine there on my own.

I felt braver with her encouragement.

This was Cllr John Burrows, Leader of Chesterfield Borough Council taking the floor speaking to us all.
Then Rudolph appeared. Where's Santa?

 The speeches are over and now it's time to mingle.

The Mayor finds it so easy to talk to others.

The Busy Mayor working.

It's a full on job as The Mayor.

Great conversations
Lovely people at every corner.

 The Mayor and I

A beautiful gift.

The Chauffeur
The Choir
Santa & Rudolph

With pictures, I've been trying to catch a real atmosphere.

The Mayors guests.
Here I am!

Cllr John Burrows, Leader of Chesterfield Borough Council and Wee Me....Pauline Quinn with a Broken Brain!

I'll let Cllr John Burrows see what picture he likes better.

The Mayor still worked away with all of the Party guests. It's been amazing to watch this from the distance!
2nd Half for The Choir, beautiful voices singing with pleasure.

A great evening with Tracey Tweedle, Marie & Sharon Buxton

Santa made lots of balloon toys for Master Tweedle.

Santa is wondering if I would like a balloon too! I declined graciously.

Santa made Master Tweedle a crown for the evening event.

    Tracey Tweedle, Master Tweedle, Sharon Buxton, Paul Chistopher Stone, Marie Buxton & Baby

Then I won the first Raffle Tombola.
What a lucky day I was having.

I took the glasses off........who's that!

Ahh, The Mayoress & Santa.
As all the guests were leaving, I noticed my friend Catherine was there waiting to take me home.
"Wait a minute, hold on for me." I said, "I've just got a few more goodbyes now!"

I asked her to hold onto the bottle for me and then.....!

Then we had fun.

We became silly

I used her as my Photographer: "Come and see my friends!"

Paul Spook and Paul Croot.

Then Santa; Jim Wolf-Hanson arrives and they talk about helping charities. Well Done for your dedications.
The girls were looking at my arrival, "Yes, Pauline's back!" I do hold everyone back these days. Oops!

I may have talked a wee bit more than normal, Hey I talk a lot so that,s normal for me. 
The Mayor and Mayoress of Chesterfield + Plus ME <---

I was saying Au Revoir.

I got as far as the door, then.....................................!

I can't help it!

He's behind me <-------

I want to see how heavy that Bling is!

WoW........That's a heavy Mayors Chain. The Chain must have a great life story for many, many years gone.
I ended up the almost last person to leave The Town Hall.
It's been a great night where everyone was so patient with me.
Again I shall repeat myself as I know I have said this before:- "I'm Honoured! Thank You All."

Hey, who's got the key for the front door?
Shut That Door!

A SUPERB EVENING; I shall sleep well.
Goodnight and God Bless.

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