Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Market & The New Year.

No matter what happened yesterday:
I'll push myself forward and ignore the rest of others "kind of" joviality towards me!

I had stayed in and watched the telly to indulge my mind in laughter.
I laughed all day long.

We got ready to go out for the last day in 2013.

The X-Mas Tree twinkling with lights.
I think this medication is blowing up the body, it's heavy to hold this weight.
I still have laughter with the New Year  neighbours.
I spoke to Douglas in The Market, he's from Glasgow and he had all the family there with him. I do believe it will be a very good evening.

With and without the moustache, a great evening for us all.
The moustache was on a tour!

Talent moustache doing the rounds.
It's lovely that no matter how many years have gone past, we still have a great sense of humour.
THE PITZ was about to play.

Celebrating with the band THE PITZ

Smiles and Laughter.

Dancing into 2014.

There was Music, Laughter and Dancing into The New Year 2014

Highlights of 2013-------------Welcome 2014.


Plans have started now for 2014.
I can feel some busy times ahead of me.
I'll let you know soon..........very, very soon!

HELLO 2014

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