Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Am I repeating myself........ Again!

Before I go any further................"Am I repeating myself......AGAIN!"

Still not had any info about the gift money of £250 pounds from "you know who!"
I did leave 3 messages on 2 mobiles and the landline.
I'm not a party member of any group, I'm just me, who stands up for myself and I talk all by myself.
No-one puts their hand up my back to make me talk Sir-ree!
The last blob/blog page  called.........

Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm Anxious and Depressed...WoopDeeDoo!

............was sent by myself  to Nick Clegg as I read his topic "Change of Attitude"

Clegg: 'Change of attitude' on mental health needed

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said "a change of attitude" towards mental health is needed as he starts a campaign to bring the issue "out of the shadows."

There remains, too much prejudice and too much discrimination around the issue of mental health.

The whole world that I live in has got people with "An Attitude"
I got on the bus in town today, it's the last stop in town before it does it's return jouney.
We all got on the bus and the doors closed, the bus was still stationary.
I shouted at the busdriver to open the doors as the boy turned up to get on the bus, he was puffing and quite flushed to get on the bus!
The driver called back to me....."Closed the door! Can't open it up again, rules, I have to do ......."
I just jumped in and said:-...........A LOT!
The bus passengers had smiles on their faces as the woman behind me tapped my shoulder and said:-
"Good for you! It's about time for people to talk back!"
I said it loud enough for them to hear me that the boy may have had to get to a emergency of some kind.
I told the busdriver to change his job and not work with people who get angry with their attitude!

Who Does What!

Who's the person who makes all these kind of rules!

Does people really, really like to work by these rules?

When I get to the bus stop and I'm not standing within that Yellow box on the road or if I'm not standing where there's sometimes an incline on the kerb the busdriver will open the door as it is still moving and say that I'm not at the right place as it wizzies away..........what happened there!
Yes the world has Attitudes!

The End..........maybe!

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