Friday, January 3, 2014



It's a New Year; watch out for those silly little headaches; they can and will take you away!
Here is a little piece of important information; before I finish the diary of 2013.

Look into your Migraine Headaches!

I had terrible Migraine Headaches through stress at work and with my family!

That fatal evening; in July 2011.
I was disorientated in the evening; I looked like I was staggering; I was trying to find my way to the toilet where I was violently sick.
My son cleaned up the sickness for me and mentioned to no one.
I lay in bed and my eyes were still open about; roughly 12 to 14hrs later when I was found.
The bedroom door was closed and the next morning they thought I was at work!

That was me..................basically dying!

When you get disorientated; shout for help.
I was living with 3 people, and I still nearly passed away!

I nearly kicked the bucket! Shout loud and hard, no need to pass away over a headache!

Then I was put into a Medical Coma and now I'm here to tell the story.

Think about all that happens 
God Bless & Amen


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