Friday, January 3, 2014

December 2nd onwards with Inspirations.


What happened!
Life has changed!
In my youth; many, many years ago, a day took sooooo looooong!
A week took sooooooo looooong!
The months were sooooooo looooong!
The years were slowly sooooo looooong!
Your life was sooooooo faaaaaaaaar away in the distance!
Does life change when you become 50yrs old?
Does your inners go backwards!
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, the mouse knocks on the door, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick.
For me there's ways of knowing and one is the way you talk about your youth and what you had done.
Is my inners going backwards!
Or does the brain relive all of it's life all over again in pristine details after a brain trauma!
I'm living my life all over again; 2 for 1 memories......... A Bargain! Thank god I'm Scottish; I love a bargain!

I went to my Qigong & Thai Chi, very therapeutic for me.
One of the Art Classes was finishing for The Christmas and we all had a party. Everyone took in a little something for their party.
We Ooohed and Aaahed and said Colourful as we had cake in our mouths; or was that just ME <---

It was cakes galore that night in Art.

Later I put 2 canvas's on FB for words from Julie H. Winter the painter. Much appreciated.

Santa & The Snowman were getting me happy.
I was being Santa and delivering all my Christmas Cards.

I delivered some cards at the Surgery and stopped for a coffee in the surgery at CommuniKate.
This tree was the center design for each table; it gives you in that Christmassy feelings.

I had lunch with Chris and met up with James and Matt.
Chris left to go back to Class and I carried on chatting and talking about homes and disabilities. Basically, I spoke about ME<---
James and Matt Norton work for ASPIRE care group.
Matt is the Creative Director at St Josephs Care, they are Specialist care for people with learning disabilities.
I was taken into their new premises; it was fabulous to see, smell and feel all that was hanging up on the walls, see the soft room, look at their sensory garden. One of the large walls in the garden may be painted.
It was lovely to see it all coming together.




My little file.
The next day Wed 4th

I was going to SSS with Chris for a wee cuppa tea.
I took in my wee file of the things that I have achieved in the last year.
I had a meeting with Julie Wheelhouse, The Service Manageress.

Diane sat and read the stories

Then the file moved around the room


Thank You XXX.

Where did my smiley face goooo!

It was time for the Creative Writing Class, X-Mas Party
We all told the jokes from our crackers.
Remember the one about........I've forgotten!

Are we ready!!!

Then Creative Writing Class

Then the tutor said:-
"Are you sitting comfortably!"
"Once upon a time..........."
Everyone took their turn to read their little story or poem.

Q. What do you call a man waiting for a haircut? A. A barbecue

When we each picked out 5 words from the bag, we had to make a sentance of what was there.
You can read it there....Ouch!
1. Eat enough pussy bosom head?
2. Francis held the pussy cats head to her bosom as she said "Eat enough!"

Then 5 words from the hat!


It was rather funny being a part of this X-Mas Party, We did giggle at the words that night.

The Tutor and his Assistant re-enacting Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer.
 The finale, Merci

This was Thursday 5th December; NELSON MANDELA;  your face is the North Star
I'll look out for the right star
Nelson Mandela passed away at 95yrs old, he left a legacy of freedom and peace.

This is how the/my brain looks!
 I thought my brain looked a funny shape; NOW I KNOW!

Catherine received her profile face.
This is me with the glasses on the bottom right, he even put the chain on the glasses. ThanX

After my Art class, I asked Janiece to collect me and take me into Sheffield to get a Party Dress.
I've been invited by The Mayor to his X-Mas Party in The Town Hall.
It's getting very exciting to be there......WoWzEr!
After shopping, I had another lazy painting weekend. I'm playing about with colours.

Monday 9th Dec;
 Author: Chris Nickson; "The Crooked Spire"

Have I become that Author Junkee!
I tell no tales out of school !
The Crooked Spire is in Chesterfield, Wooooooooh!
A Bloody Good Read!
Treat Yourself!

Yip, that's Jed Quinn's name on it; THANX Chris Nickson
A great way to do Christmas Shopping!
When I got home, I started looking through my diary from 2012 again.
I'm still amazed at the way how I thought, wrote and spoke, here is 2 snippits from my diary.
These are my favorite pieces.
I still can't understand feet and down the soup with incle Patel.

Feet, Soup & Incle..............Wow! What a muddled brain I had.
This is sooooo sad to see how my poor brain was behaving.

Ladders in the Door and Nice Time.................Phewwww!
That's exhausting to try to work out what this brain was going through at that time! Still No Idea!

Debbie & Jean ready for the party.

Who's there!

Debbie & I struttin!

Whit! Geez a Brek; I'm Posin'

We may make it to the stage!

A lovely morning for us all.

The Salvation Army Choir.

They added short stories and poems.

Rachel runs the  tombola

Pauline the  professional photographer!!!

Tracey, Chris and Crackers

Everyone was getting in the mood for singing

Poetry by all

Jean and Tom happily watching the fun of the group members at SSS

The Salvation Army Choir

It was lovely to hear all the poems and songs to get you into a Christmassy feeling.
La, lee, La, Dooh, Dah, Blah, Dee, Dah!!!
What great singers..............Amazing!
They doo need to get on that stage.......Back Left!!!
I know they're worth it!
Serious professional lassies! Shhhhh; this is about me! How did they get in here too!
I'm losin' it ?

Girls' it's been fun here; ThanX XXX
Journalist Tom
 Tom started telling The News........

Can you Believe that?

We have Trophy's here for the best of the best at anything and everything.........Drums Rolling, Dah Rah!

Use your imagination at all the best of the best at anything and everything for this group.
Marjorie started this trophy celebrated prize.


This lady Etta, SKY DIVED...........GULP!

 I cried along with others.
An emotional Specialist Stroke Services group of Great People.
The Best Of The Best!

 That has been The Best Of The Best...............What Inspiration for others to follow.
Now.......The Party, for all.

 A Wonderful Lunch


Ooh Mrs!

I'm hiding my food today.................Yum, Yummy, Gulp!

Diane Hadfield won a large gift.

 Alex Jones sang some sweet nothings to Etta for her Sky Diving.
Then we all got up to jiggywiggydance.
Hey! I'm Dancing Again!

 A Super Duper Day Again.

I Wish, Dream and Pray for all, including Claudia's Cause.
I learned how to walk and talk all over again; I believe she is determined as I have been.
An extra wee prayer won't hurt.
Happy New Year for 2014 Claudia, you are a great inspiration.
All My Love XXX

Claudia's Cause
We have really been enjoying the new year. Claudia and I had a huge bath together and she laughed and giggled as we splashed and poured water all over her head, her face, her body, her legs.....all of the places that we have had to keep out of water for so, so long. Her body relaxes in the water and we were able to straighten her out a bit, her legs etc and we are hoping that physiotherapy come out soon so that we can get her into her standing frame and standing tall once more.
We counted last night, well this morning really, Claudia stayed awake ALL night and so she counted, very clearly to ten and then continued even higher. Her speech, it is such a slow process but oh so very rewarding. If we have to do this for the rest of our lives, then I count us as being extremely lucky. To nurture, love and protect a child as special as Claudia (as all of them) is an absolute honour. I love you all, my precious babies and thank you for everything you do, everything you are, to make my life complete

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