Thursday, July 18, 2013

April 2nd onwards, my catch-up.

Tuesday the 2nd of April.

I woke up, next morning after my birthday with Loraine, we were having a giggle about yesterday, my Birthday. All the Oohs! & Ahhs! It was very funny.
A thankyou to Jack and all the family and staff at the Clowne Farm for all that we had been through together. All my ups and ups but hardly any downs when I was there, You can clear your head there. Magical!
I just missed my bus to go Rambling so I made it down to see Steve Moslin instead.
Steve is a Masseur; he's very excellent with his art. He's excellent actually!
Do you know that I speak too much! Yes I dooo!
Steve actually Masseuses for the Rugby Players from the UK, New Zealand & Austrailia.
I told him that I need some help with my legs; so he did his magic with his hands over my legs and feet!
Ahhhhh! SUPERB!
That shall help me when I walk for Neurocare Charity Walk at the end of April. I told him that I will pop in again for the arms to be worked on next!
Then I went to The Library and collected my friend Paul as we were going out for a Birthday dinner.
It's Friday the 5th of April
I was waiting for a call between 10 & 12noon from Catherine from The Chat Magazine. Catherine was making sure that her story was my story; it would be under------
"True Life; Patient Casebook"
I'm very impressed that my sister, Janiece Wallace did this story for me.
During my progression, Janiece was there for me; she took me to Museums, Art Galleries, Beautiful Large Houses with the lovely Gardens rolling through the countryside, she inspired me to catch all the information that I could drink in one gulp, to bring back my life. Thats amazing for me and my brain.
Saturday the 6th of April
I got ready to go out at 6:45pm, I was going to a charity evening for Stan at The Last Orders at Clay Cross.
The manager there is Scottish, so we had a nice wee natter. Pics can't be found just now, Oops!
Sunday the 7th of April
I went to the Winding Wheel at 7pm for the musical tributes, fantastic evening with Neal from Headway.
Hey, I have to push myself to get up and out every day; it's a challenge!
A great night of music!

Tuesday 9th April

Meeting with 4 Brain Injury workers at 2:30pm. Poss!
Good day. Was it?
This is 3 and a 1/2 months ago, I'm getting slacky now and terrrible with writing in my diary, I do right but it's for my writing classes now.
Wednesday 10th of April
Headway meeting tonight,
I made it down to our meeting hall and a lady came over and asked me if I could join the gentleman over there, as she pointed!
I was a bit confused but I moved over and he introduced himself to me.
He told me that he was looking through the internet to see if he could see Mr Patel, his Neurosrugeon.
He found him alright..................on my blob/blog!!!
There's been Simon the Ticking Clock and now Paul William Haywood!!!

Celebrating Headway

Headway with heart

Paul William Haywood was using the intnernet to find anything about Mr Patel!

A great team at Headway, Chesterfield

Thursday 11th of June

My walking with the Ramblers were cancelled today as I had an appointment with the Captain of Sheffield Wednesday's Football Club.
I had the honour to be on Sheffield Wednesdays Turf with the Captain, Anthony Gardiner, my brother-in-laws cousin.
Wow, this will be very exciting for me to see the picture of this at the Club grounds. Anthony and I had on our Neurocare Charity T-Shirts for our picture.
I never realised that Anthony was going to help me in The Head Start Run on the 21st of April.
I'm very impressed with his hope that he had to all the swfc fans helping him to join the others to help Neurocare Charity run; the cause was close to his heart.
I had a wander around the club inside while it was quiet, Trevor Braithwait was very interesting with all the knowledge of the Club.
Do you know............ Trevor is a Director of Communications @ swfc
Very interesting, my brain gathers more info to educate myself.

There was Tim & Neil to Dean Stone the General Manager running the Hallmark of Catering Excellence, the food side of the work.

Thursday the 16th

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