Tuesday, July 23, 2013

THE BIG DAY For Neurocare Charity......Session 10km RUN

Today is the big day for NEUROCARE CHARITY!

Sunday 21st April 2013
Today is a big day and I'm getting excited.
This will be a picture story for you; so I hope you all enjoy this adventure with me!

Pauline is getting the words to focus on her run for Neurocare!

They all went for their massages in the legs.

This wee walker wanted to see Little Dave Quinn Staff Nurse
The dog was raring to go!
This was all the elite runners doing 10km for Neurocare
Getting all pysched up for the run.
Breathing in and out.
Then they all got ready to go, go, go!
Now McNige took the floor to prepare them!
McNige was loosening all the limbs (nice pink & green anklets Hmmmm!) Ahhhhhh! Emmas on the platform.....Hi, I called to her

He turns and stretches to the left, then right.
He starts to twirl on one hand (showing us how to entertain) that was entertaining!
Blinkin' Ek.........McNige, ONE HAND!!!!..................SHOW OFF! GIGGLE!!!
Now McNige sings......You put your left foot in, your left foot out. in, out, in, out, shake it all about!
Now are you all ready.......
Stretch the arms and push them who's in your way! HUMOUR!!! GIGGLE!!!
Everyone loosening up now!
Go, Go, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go For It!!!
 That last wee stretch in the calves.............Ahhhhh!
Everyone ready to G............!

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