Monday, July 22, 2013


My Busy Week!

After my late night at the Derby Gaol, I was offered to stop over at Kay & Stans home.
When we all got up the next morning, I giggle over last night. We laughed at all the pictures that were there.
I got myself ready to go to my volunteer position at Ashgate Hospice. Kay asked me to put a cheque into her bank  account in town; I said "Yes!"
I finished my volunteering and went to meet KKKKKKKkatie at 2pm.
After we finished chatting KKKKKKatie walked with me to the Bank. We took the moving staircase (forgot a word for that!) up to the bank; I told her that I was putting a cheque into the bank for Kay & Stan. I brought out the paying-in book with the cheque and stood in the queue.
I did what was required for Kay; (Good job done, I thought!) Ahhhhhh Escalator! Remembered it!
As we got out of the bank, we separated. As I walked along, I picked up some bits & pieces for my home.
By the time I got home, I called Kay and told her that I put the cheque in the bank.
Kay told me that she had a call from the NHS. I asked her what was it about! Is everything OK!
She just said "I'm fine!"
Then in the same breathe she just told me what was said;
" apparently they said that they are looking after her back!!!
"just checking the facts from her about what's she asking me to do for her just now?
I'm your priority! is what was said???
It didn't take too long for people to gossip about me putting a cheque into a bank account!
Hmmmm! I need to find out about this situation!
I had a wee chat with Lee about insoles, you know! In your shoes!!!

 We played about with what picture would be best for the blob/blog!
I decided; "All of them! "
I'm becoming more pernickety about my pictures...........well! having fun with the blob/blog!
I've become my own producer of me, giggle, giggle!

Friday 19th July

Nellie, Helen & Moi

Its sad to see you leave, but keep in touch Ok! XXX

Helen has been a great Warden to look after us all.

I went to get ready for my evening out with Headway, it was a Pig Race at The Old House @ 7pm. I didn't know where to go to so I got Janiece to come over to take me there.
Pigs are hoinking on the grounds and we picked one.

 It was a great challenge if we liked the look of them.
How much shall we win!!! Hopefully!!!
On your marks, get set, GOooooooo!
They all escaped from their little cage......WEeeeeeeee!
Coming along the track is Mr Wiggly Man then on the left hand inside is the yellow top then on the back coming up fast is Jelly Belly, they're moving fast, coming quickly as easy peasy ping pong doo dah shall take over from.......... oops! he's fallen over and the the billy blob is nearing to the Finnish Line! Ahhhhhhhh!
They're all pushing for the 1st position!
It's getting Hot here!
And the WINNER is...............................!
I WON!!!
A £ POUND!!!!
No more gambling for me...........................until the next time!!!!1
It was a fun night had by all.
Janiece took me back to her home as I was up early for my painting class.

Saturday 20th April 2013

10am until 4pm for my paining class, here I go............!
This was the start of my colourful day!


I'm painting a Bluebell Forest:- assisted by artist Keith Fish

It's a Joy of Painting in Killamarsh.

Des, Lolita, Pauline & David
Debbie & John, Richard, Lianne & Ian

The room was growing with Davids family and friends for the walk and run tomorrow at Rother Valley Park for Neurocare Charity.
Me and Davids Family ;-) Hi guys!
 Now it gets a bit of a struggle for me to remember all the names; I'll cheat............! Lets hope I get away with my answer there........!
Pauline. Lolita, Des, David
Ahh! a snogathon I'm thinking, I'll try to get in there too!
Where did Ian go!!!

Jake, June & Janiece

Sam, Jake & June, that girl with the spikey hair gets into everything?

 A casual surprise to all; my creation!
I'm very proud of it, I wonder what to paint next!

 Clive turned up after his Challenge Day! Well Done Clive, Excellent!

I went in for a snogathon too! Giggle!

Painted By
Pauline Quinn

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