Saturday, July 20, 2013

Thursday 16th April, THE DERBY GAOL!

A special day for me!

It was another special day for me, my second
time in The Star by Ellen Beardmore, reporter.
Ellen put another story in the newspaper and
wrote about Anthony Gardiner, the Captain
for Sheffield Wednesday.
This is where our picture went.
I was very impressed.
She mentioned what he was doing for me, when that came home to me; I was even more than impressed; I was truley GOBSMACKED at his action for me.
Actually " I'm Proud of him!"
I've found out that he will come to Neurocare Head Start with me.

When all of this sunk into me, being in the newspaper again, I started to travel up to Kay & Stan Padleys home, we were getting ready for an extravaganza night tonight in Derby.
It was a charity evening for Stan's Voice.
The Derby Gaol, (The Derby Jail)
Do you know that it is owned by Richard Felix, the TV scarey stories presenter, Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

Is there life after death???
Do we live after death??? 
I'm sitting here tapping my chin with my finger; have we left this world and moved onto another world???
Do you believe in the scarey stories???
It makes you think!!!

 Everything in the world seems twisted like life!
At the blink of an eye, Stan & I's life had become twisted.
I'm LUCKY! I'm here in this world now!

Stan & I did the last touches in our makeup for the paranormal investigation night.

I was living in LooLoo Land!

The charity group start to arrive for Stan.

I met The Stock with little Heady!

You must have had a good view from here!

I  was telling a story to the grave.
                                                 As I struggled to stand on my two feet.
                                             Eventually, I got some help and arose to my feet.
It was getting bigger!
The group started to arrive for Stan.

The group were enjoying the stories from Edd Felix.

Life started to get fuzzy with the camera. Something was interfering with the stability of the camera!!!

It's getting even more paranormal now??? OOoooohhhh!
Kay & Stan take the spooky walk for another story!

Why does the camera go all fuzzy every now and then, is there another spirit in the Gaol in Derby!!!

Something is here! This was spooky!
Some people were saying; "Why did you pinch ME!"
Then; "What was that!" "Could you feel that! Brrrrrr! Cold now!"
Now this is very magical, I think there may be another place, another world!!!
There is a museum there to let you know how the world worked then, very interesting, "Wooooooooohooooo! What's that noise!"
Crowd watching the hanging! YUK!
The spirit was shaking his own head for us, Ooooooooo!
One minute the head was shaking, then it was still!
I'm the one taking the pictures, I don't drink, I don't have hallucinations!
Something is present here, this was a weird experience
I'm going to axe you or I'm going to ASK you!!! HUMOUR!


Edds story was very facinating. His Digereedoo thing feels something in the presence!

I picked the right makeup so you can't see how frightened I was!
Edd was10/10 thanx!

A very BRILLIANT couple who work at the Gaol, 10/10 thanx!
I've had a great night in THE DERBY GAOL! OOOoooooooo!

There's that camera's fuzzy playing again!
This has been spooky for me!

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