Sunday, July 28, 2013

Monday 22nd till Tuesday 30th April 2013

Monday 22nd till Tuesday 30th April 2013

Ward Clerk Lynne and I need to appologise as I have a name problem?
After the next few days I was drained.
Up, down, left, right, did I know what to do.......?
My body was absolutely drained of any kind of energy, but I knew how to put on a smile and hope that I'll get away with it. Is it true that you can see how tired or sick you are through your eyes!!!
When Janiece got me down in time for my 10am Hospital appointment in Osborn 4, Neuro Rehabilitation Centre. I went to the toilets and I Cried, and Cried, and Cried. When I eventually got out of the Loo's, I about turned and went back into the Loo, and then I started all over again..................!

13th Decemember 2011 Osborn 4
Minor vacant staring, 
Twitching legs,
Girls can anyone remember what my brain is remembering?
Is it a dream!!!

This is weird, this is written in my diary on Thursday 25th April 2013.
I've just read this as I'm playing at catch-up for this Diary.
Next my diary says:-
Huff & Puff at doing laces this morning & reading a book-
over & over a page & only watch news,
as it goes fast with info.

I did remember........WHY?

Well, I never!!!!   

2 Louise's Cooper & Price

 This was four days after my 5km walk and I can still see the tiredness in my eyes STILL !!!

I was truley out of the count then, but dates and actions is................Brrrrrrrrrrr!
Name problem again, Woops!
 I must have a name problem, I usually guess after I've been given the first initial, a pain in the............?
This reminded me of watching the wheelchair basketball last year.

I love the colours, peaceful!

I've become so intrigued with colour and how the brain works with colours.

When I was finished in Osbourn 4, Janiece and I went to see Lynne for her 50th Birthday.
We had a beautiful coffee & cream cake afternoon, with vanilla slices, it was devine!
Catching up blob/blog evening
We finished and went home for dinner; macca cheese & raspberry torte.
It was great to be back home.
It's a hard chore to re-learn all that I knew before.
My answer:- BUMMER!!!
Was I blowing my chewing gum!

Yes! the bowl went down the gully!

Poseur? with Peter Shaw Headway North Derbyshire

It's gone 12 high noon and the lights are low.

I noticed that my eyes were strained a bit with the colours.
I watch out for all the tiny things that effect me these days.

Neal  from Headway North Derbyshire

Got it down the gully again; are my eyes not knowing whats left or right?

Louise Perkins, Headway North Derbyshire


Thank goodness but weird about memories that make me cry all the time.
I wonder what May shall bring!
Here goes Pauline Quinn travelling on a sturdy path.

Pauline Quinn XXX

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