Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My 50th Birthday/April Fools Day!............................NOT!

All Fools Day!

Monday the 1st of April in 2013

 Am I a fool for being born on All Fools Day?
Woopsadaisy! I don't think so!
I got myself ready for my birthday, Janiece and David had a table ready for me at Piccollinos for lunch.
I called a few friends to see if they could find the time to meet me at lunch time for a chat and a coffee!
Monday is the start of your working week!
Everyone had previous engagements! WORK!
C'est la vie!
Ca va, Ce n'est rien!
Not to worry, I'll put a smile on my face.
David collected me, and as we drove into Sheffield I was asking him where Janiece was.
I'm terrible at remembering things?
He told me that Janiece had to go into town to go to the Doctors; or something like that.
As we headed along to Piccollino's, Janiece had already turned up! Smart Eh!
I won't have to hang about and wait as I'll be able to eat early as my tummy was grumbling.
As we walked into the Italian Restraunt, Janiece smiled and started gibbering away at nothing, could I translate anything in my brain!........................NO!
There was a few tables taken and there was a big party table for a 25yr old, it had 2 big 25 Balloons and menus, table decorations, it was plush!
The bar area was very busy, there was a lot of mumbling and all I saw was lots of backs facing me! Rude I thought, at least if they show their faces I may remember someone from before the 19th of July 2011.
 I went to the loo and when I came out my eyes were distracted and I watched a couple at the bar. I thought straight away, "Bloody Heck, She's Tall!" As I got closer to Janiece and David, this lady suddenly turned around and looked at me with the biggest smile.
"Jesus, Bloody Heck, it's YOU!" Emma Douglas from Neurocare Charity!
I gave her the biggest smile and kiss for arriving. I asked her what she was doing in town;-
"Where are you going! Have you been somewhere! How did you know!!"
All the usual Q's & A's required from me.
I just assumed she was in town and she knew that Janiece was going to be here with me for my Birthday!
I just thought, "That's nice"
As we were chatting away at the bar, they kept positioning themselves around me so that I would look the way they wanted me to. Therefore, they stopped me looking over at the door?
I never thought of it that day.
Suddenly someone came up "Close & Personal!"
The fingers came over my eyes, Bloody Heck, it was Miguel with Gemma and Kefae.
I just thought that he must have finished work at Novotel and Gemma & Kefae just popped in to say hi before we all had our lunch.
We started talking about me holding Kefae when he was just born. I felt so proud then to hold him in my arms whilst I was still sick in hospital, that was precious moment for me.
No matter what!
I shall always be there for him, similarly like an adopted mother towards an adopted son.
I whispered to Janiece:-
"They're not making a move to leave yet!; Do you have any money? I've none! I do want to invite them, can I borrow some money to buy them something! Any Chance!"
Suddenly all the mumbling stopped from all the back turned people!
Janiece said quite loudly to me in front of Migel, Gemma & Emma, "Can you remember what you did for my 50th Birthday, about the 50th Balloon!?!?"
I stood there and put my hand up to my mouth and said; "Blooddydyyyyy Heck, I bought you 2x 25Balloons!!" As I started to cry and point at the table all I could say was........"MINE!!!"
Janiece said; "Yes it's yours and so is.........!"
Then all the backs that I seen turned around to face me. O......M.......G!!!
I'm totally GOBSMACKED!!!

This picture was put on FB by Emma Douglas, Neurocare Charity.
Lovely to be able to celebrate Pauline Quinn's 25thx2 birthday party yesterday! x



Read me a story please! The story is the menu for Paulines Birthday Lunch.

People are lovely these days, they go out of their way to bake me a cake for my Birthday.

We've all had great memories from the past to celebrate our life together again, a wonderous day.

This is Sarah, she's a lovely waitress in Piccollinos with her work colleague, I must go on a course to remember names; it's such a pain for me to remember names.
This is an after effect of my brain injury!
Names are tricky; I usually say; "It starts with an H!" It's usually the most bizzarrest letter to begin with.
It's probably Quintin? (Exaggerating!)
Kefae was enjoying all the food adventures





Raphael and Jacob were looking after us beautifully.
A lovely home made veggie Punch and plants

Joao Filipe & Alicja Czubak; it's been great to get back together, like the old days, 1yr and 8mths down the line.

ThanX Joao & Alicja XXX

This picture was taken via Emma Douglas, Neurocare Charity.
ThanX Emma XXX

Lovely to be able to celebrate Pauline Quinn's 25thx2 birthday party yesterday! x

ThanX All who arrived at my 50th Birthday Party Lunch.
I had a beautiful guest who sat next to me at our lunch,.........Yes, it was Kefae.
Kefae, thanX for your companionship, you make me happy. All my love XXX


Emma Douglas, Grace Enright,  Rebbeca Allen & Patricia Mitchell from Neurocare Charity,
Kefae, Gemma & Miguel Francis, 
June, Sam & Desmond,
Loleita, Alisha, Anthony & Darren,
Aaron, Adrian & Jake,
Alishia, Cody, Sam & Jamie,
Sue Gibbons,
Ian Lewarne,
Sarah, Dea & Ashley,
Andrew & Cristian Concari,
Kay, Stan, Zoe, Heidi, Chico & Lily,
Lianne, Ian, James & Lian,
Paul Winfield,
Terry & Marie,
Deborah, John, Johnathan & Lauren,
Glejorre & Steve,
Pat & David,
Loraine Burgess,
Janiece & David Wallace,

A big thanX via all the accumulated greetings from FaceBook:-

Mark Marky, Ash Selector, Big Fatfreddie Morrison and ALL from the Soul Weekenders,
Friends & Neighbours,
All my colleagues & friends from before and now, I thank you all.
From the bottom of my heart; THANK YOU ALL XXX


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