Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Accidental Meetings.........AGAIN!

I keep bumping into the Mayor; here, there and everywhere!

I'd been out looking for a mop & bucket then my eye caught a beautiful colour so I bought a beautiful Neuro Purple Mop & Bucket to mop up my life!
Then it was a case of "HI Paul!" as I waved my mop & bucket as I banged about in the queue with my heavy Rucksack on my back. I should have a sign on my forehead saying "Stay 5ft AWAY!"
I don't think I hit anyone with the mop.........YET!?!
When we finished at the queue, I carried on talking outside; you know me and blethering.
Blether, Blether, Blether or even Squack, Squawk & Squimble !
He does laugh at some things that I come out these days.
This is me as The Perfect Photographer..............
We can still laugh and smile after all my blethering.

Another brilliant afternoon.
Paul, Sharon & Marie

A Beautiful Day.

I hid my mop & bucket...........very proffesional.
The flight turned West, to the Sun.

A Beautiful Sunset after A Beautiful Day......Perfect.

When I got home there was some dressed up gnomes waiting at my front door with flowers to introduce themselves to me.
It was very exciting, new neighbours just popped along with their Mushroom Homes into Paulineshire Town.

The next day was Saturday 28th September.
I was in town and bumped into BLOCK again, I said:_
"Am I following you or are you following me!"
Then we had a nice wee chat and a giggle.
Then back to work, there was lots of people to talk to!

I accidently met BLOCK again as he was selling his CD's in the Market in Chesterfield.

Saturday 28th September is World Mental Health Day.
This is Saturday 28th September 2013.
This is World Mental Health Day.
I popped into Meadow Fresh Butchers for a chat.
This is a usual bunch of guys who listen to me.
They listen and laugh with me at my life.
Even the Owner popped in for a wee chat and he listened to me too!
We did giggle a lot that day, but it was also a serious day with it being a World Mental Health Day.
Just because I am under the Mental Health, believe me; I am classed as living under The Mental Health, but other human beings out there THINK that this Mental Health word allows them to take this word "Mental" on another trip.
Big Boss Man, ThanX XXX

Let's see how long I shall be frustrated with how people react towards me!
I'm ME!
Well, I couldn't resist giving him a K.I.S.S.
 Maybe we should all think properly about the Mental Health.
 For me (and possibly others) it has been continually frustrating, as there has been so many people out there who never LISTEN to US PROPERLY!
The only thing that I can do just now is to laugh and write.
I  love going to my Creative Writing classes, we usually have funny little stories to do.
"Plonkers!" is the title to one of my favorite little stories.
Giggle, Giggle, Giggle..........!

Catch up later..........Giggle continuously , my sides are aching now.....Phew!


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