Saturday, October 12, 2013

Who Inherits The Stars! Is It Me!

After a great 18th Birthday Party, I got back to work on the blob/blog.
I looked onto FaceBook and I noticed that my new friend Lewis Wild; a member of the music group named Inherit The Stars was up on the BillBoards at the O2 academy in Sheffield.
They had their show there on Saturday 21st September 2013.

This is Inherit The Stars with Ryan from ryan
Thank you Lewis Wild, what an amazement friendship through talking on the phone.
You went by the stars that day and we blethered and blethered and blethered.
Your name is reaching for the stars.
I'll introduce you all to my readers:- This is Inherit The Stars;
Lewis Wild, Chris Brayshaw, Daniel Jeffery, Theo Egginton, Adam Ace Shone and ryan
It has been a pleasure to accidentally bump into you all via Lewis Wild. Amazing, isn't it!
I've seen that Ryan wrote about the Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.
Ryan is 17yrs old and is learning to become a reporter, he has a good start already.
Well Done
It was a case of Ooohhh! and AHhhhhhhh! Sheffield Wednesday!!!
I told Ryan that Sheffield Wednesday's captain is my brother-in-laws cousin; Anthony Gardner.
How we knit into each others lives is quite amazing just now for me. Astonishing actually!
I think I may try to accidently meet Ryan another day.
Accidental meetings is amazing just now, I wonder how this happens?

Who would like to Inherit The Stars...................I would ! Would You......?

Lewis Wild, my accidental friend; WoWzeR! ThanX Lewis

You can use your imagination and feel the music going through your body when you look at the pictures.
Imagine a buzz running right through you, it may take you to the Stars....

 As a little extra, I'd also like to thank The CREW too:-
Matthew William Nash, Adam David Barker, Theo Egginton, Daniel Jeffery, Lewis Wild, Inherit The Stars.
Jordan Rabjohn, Jennie Freeland Mua, Chris Brayshaw, Johnw Clarkson, Mark Samuel McElroy, Benjamin Stanton, Oliver Daniel Price and Michael Gribbins.

 The next early evening I went out to look for the Stars, I stood next to the trees and held onto the trunk as I searched the skies, I searched the space above the earth for a glimmer. A glimmer from a star. There was a heavy cloud and I couldn't see anything untill.................! WoW...................! Amazing.........................!

 The clouds started to move, there was still the blue from the skies with a tinge of red hotness from the star.

 The rays were getting wider across the skies and you could see that the red hotness was getting bigger.

 The brightness was getting bigger, brighter, I stood under the tree, you could feel the warmth of the trunk.

 SUDDENLY.................WOW !
The biggest star appeared to me; it blinked the clouds away to let me see it's bright body in the skies.....
What a feeling..........there is no words for that,


 NOAO --- AURA --- MOON --- STAR

You Never Know !

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