Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cleethorpes Day Trip Adventure

It's Saturday 7th September.

I was told from the Dr to rest so I have to do as I'm told these days.
Do this and not that....OK, ok, ok.........!
I did make one last walk into town to see Ashgate Hospice, British Heart Foundation, Meadowfresh Butchers, Cafe Nero staff and DORA Volunteering staff.
I said that I'm away resting but I would be back soon............. I couldn't put a date on it but I will be back at some point in the future.
Hopefully !!!

When I got over in Killamarsh to rest, I had a big fear to do nothing.......!
Crikey.........Will I manage to just laze and do nothing, No walking,........No Volunteering.....!
I had cried all week when I was pushing myself to walk, the pain that I suffered with my feet was so sad.
I had pushed a smile on my face to help me through my determination, but I was falling again.
I had to just rest, rest, rest, rest, rest........

I had a whole week in bed and the only thing that I did was go to the loo, make coffee, heat up my dinner in the microwave, read, blog, read and sleep. Very active.
At one point I thought:- "Can I put up with this!"
I loved it, doing basically NOTHING!
It was great! Like a holiday for myself, treating myself to nothing, wonderful.

It got to Saturday 14th September.
Ready to go for the day trip.

Janiece and I went away for the day to Cleethorpes with Headway for a Social Day Trip.
I had to have someone to hang onto and take the slowest and smallest walk with me.

The sun was trying to break through the clouds.
Shall the sun appear today.... I wonder!

 I loved watching the clouds as we were traveling, I started to day dream and fly through the clouds high above.
When we reached Cleethorpes and as the coach was moving to the coast, well, seaside, I recognised the lighting shop and I started to point at things to Janiece:- "Ooh! Been there, and there...aaaah there to that street!" I went on and on with all this pointing thing. I love to point these days, it's fun.
As we hit the sea-side, I asked Janiece to take a picture of me with the donkeys in my background, as I can't make it down the steps.

Well, Janiece asked me why did I want that picture and I said:- "I don't know!"
Janiece was quite shocked and said that this picture was taken in 2011 on the beach...with the donkeys before the headache and then I said that I remembered the picture. We had been power walking on the beach and it was the first (I hope) time when I put on my new grey Karrimor Walking Boots It's funny how all the memories come back gradually. You're re-living your memories all over again.
It's wonderful. This was a great adventure.
We walked under the Promenade before but not today.

Kiki's Coffee Shop


Mickey at Kiki's Coffee Shop

Not broken like before!

A beautiful lunch after a beautiful short walk & talk and memories.

Fish "N" Chips by the sea, perfect.


Lovin it!

Caramel cake and cream.

A Lovely Fur soft coat at Tina's 'Think Bubbles' in Cleethorpes.

This is a 'to go coat'
How do I turn these pictures round ???
I became a model that day; it was so much fun.

Lovely Bret popped in with some roses.
This lovely gentleman Bret appeared and he gave Tina a rose, I just asked:- "Can I have one too!"
Well, he smiled and gave Janiece and I a rose and then asked us to pop round with Tina to his shop for some Champagne with him.
Well, unfortunately we were with Headway and would need to go soon for travelling home, we said that we would catch up soon.

A New coat at Tinas shop 'Think Bubbles' Superb.

This is lovely Tina at her shop 'Think Bubbles'

My special pink rose.

Went back to say 'Bye' to Mickey as it was time to leave the sea-side today until the next journey.
Aux revoir, Madame, Bon Nuit
The sun is saying Goodnight.

Is it Goodbye and Good Night!
The sun is going to sleep.
That's what I mean anyway.
Goodnight sun Zzzzzz

A tinge brighter.

Is someone snoring!

The clouds are rolling in the sky.

Is the sun trying to come out to play again!

A strange cloudy journey to Chesterfield.

Encased in a tempest cloud !

The trees stood high on the landscape.

The sun is trying to escape this cloudy door.

It's searching for the light.

The wind is blowing the clouds to sea.

It's getting clearer.

The sun is trying to say Hello again.

A great cloud journey.

Much brighter in the sky.

Tried to fix the pictures....... and I corrected them.....Yeehaa!

Original picture...........then....!

Pretty cool, love this coat......

I mentioned that if I had won the lottery that this fur coat should be mine first, it's beautiful.
I mentioned to Tina to keep the fur at the side for me.

I've had a lovely lazy week, my feet and legs feel a smidgen better.
Why do I have a great facination with the clouds, do the clouds tell me a story.......?
You never know!

Pauline Quinn,

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