Sunday, October 27, 2013

Who or What fell "Doon The Loo!"

The month of October 2013

I went to my gym, exercise class.
I  was ready with my bare feet and loose clothing to do my Qigong and Thai Chi. Ahhhhhh Soooooohh!
A member in the class was Chris, a Brain Injury survivor too!
Our conversation started with:-
"Hey,.....Feel this!.....Ooh ! and that!"
We giggled at our "showing off phase!"
We were showing off all our medals that are usually hid inside our body, but the best ones just now is the Titanium Plate Scar and the feel of the Shunt.
We have become the Perfect Show Off'ers! It does make us laugh though.
As we finished our class we were about to leave, but quickly exchanged our numbers for a chat later.
We had a very funny, giggly exercise morning. I quickly went into the Loo.....Oops!!!!
I put my phone on the cistern as I thought that it was flat......................Yikes!
The cistern lid was on a slant and the phone sailed away to another world. My hand had to go into the depths of the Pea Land ! Oopsadaisy Me!
Dear; Dear!
I managed to save the sim card to keep my phone number but all the numbers that was on the phone had dissapeared with the phone; so I had to get another phone.
I went into the canteen and said to Chris that I would catch up with him at the next class and we giggled about the phone fiasco.

I then went to see all at DORA charity to inform them about my phone fiasco.

I said:- "How will you all survive without me giving you all a call for a chitchat blether............Arrrrgh!"

Roland Gray said:-
"Here Pauline; Have the last icecream cone from me"
Well it was lovely, just what I needed!

Then I went to get my haicut; the length was getting too heavy for my head so it was cut by Sonya the Salon Manageress at Supercuts Salon.
I always go in there with a heavy head then when I leave there the heaviness in my head has gone.
Weird isn't it?
I can understand that you can't understand what this means to me, it's a Brain Injury heaviness inside the head, unless you have had a Brain Injury you won't know the inner feeling?
It can be difficult to describe what happens inside our bodies......Weird! Eh!
Had to change hats now and wear a lighter hat.

The next day I caught the Volunteer Manager.......Roland Gray Doing Dishes........!
Shock/Horror.....With a smile on his face..............!
I've never felt so at ease as being in this office.
I keep forgetting to sign in and out; slap my wrist for that....Oops!
He has a big poster on his private office door "STAY OUT      NO ENTRY"
I'm convinced that this message is for ME <---
I still just walk through;......Darn it!
When will I ever learn...................................I will, one of these days!?

I went across to Hope Springs for a chat, they still had my card up on their wall for all to see it.
I felt very proud that they loved all the little things that I did in return for them listening to me.
All I needed was to be heard, now people hear me. 

It was now Tuesday 8th of October 2013.

It was early in the morning and Janiece took me to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.
I had an appointment at 10:30 with a Neuro Doctor.
The appointment was about my medication that I take.
I took my rucksack with all my bits and bobs in it.
I brought out a file from my bag, this file came from my Rehabilitation Home; Markham House, Bolsover.
I had looked through some of the records but one of the files said:-

Pauline Quinn        My Medication         Usage          Side Effects

Some of my files sent by Mr Toby Perkins MP of Chesterfield

I had asked for my files as I was leaving Makham House, Bolsover, the staff member said "No" to me.
The usual me.... I said WHY?
Their answer was.......NO INK !
Anyway; back to the story (the last line there was pretty good though.....NO INK?)
This is what the medical staff kept picking up on when I was in Hospital....... ALCOHOLIC ?
My thought now is WHY! 
There is two tablets called Vitamin B co strong tablet and Thiamine (B1) and the reason under the Usage is; 
Vitamin B; 
To prevent deficiency occurring in people whose diet has been inadequate???
Thiamine (B1); 
Usefull as a supplement in deficiencies of B vitamins, which can occur due to an inadequate diet??? 
SIDE EFFECT..........................NK
It's obviously Not Known............!
WHY did medical persons put down that I was on an inadequate diet?
I have never been on a diet; I have always been a petite person for the whole of my life. 50 years!
I have just eaten when I was hungry, I was never on a timetable for eating.
Before my Headache, I was under stress, as you have read already, this is a normal habit of people who are under stress. 
You just miss the odd meal, especially in my job in the Hotel Business.
This is from my Diary in 2011

On Monday the 4th of July 2011
I hula hooped;
351 X 2 hoops then later, I hooped 200 X 2 hoops.
Tuesday 5th July 2011
777 X 2 hoops
Friday 15th July 2011
Went to Pat Firth's birthday in the All Bar One Sheffield.

As you can see before my body collapsed on myself, I had the energy to hula hoop and the energy to go out to a Birthday Party.
My aneurysm was 6 days later.

The appetite floats away for a while until you feel better; or like me; be in hospital to fight back to stay alive.
I showed this to the Neuro Doctor in Hallamshire and he said that I need to speak to the original Doctor who wrote this on my file for my answers.

We went to meet up with Miguel to drop off Kefae's birthday present.

The Big Frog for Kefae

Then I met Helen Roberts from Santander in town.

By this time my head was all over the place.
I asked Janiece to drive me home.
I was Pissed Off again!

The next day I went to do some creative writing with Roland Gray from DORA.
I'm so impressed with all his writing, he amazes and inspires me.

Then it was Thursday 10th October 2013.
I decided to go and see Alan and Mark at the DORA stall in Chesterfield Hospital. 
I knew when I got there as the bus would be pulling into the Hospital car park and bus area.
I stood there with some of their leaflets in my hand to see if anyone would like to take any.
I had a lovely chat with a beautiful lady as we walked gently along the corridor. 
Mark and Alan wondered where I had gone too but they seen me in the far distance and knew that I would be back at some point.
I did get back...........some time later. We had a great day at Chesterfield Hospital.

It got to Sunday 13th of October
I called my brother Brian and asked if he had the present money yet!
His answer was "NO!"

It was Tuesday the 15th of October 2013  

Then I went to:-
The Winding Wheel with Alan Smith, another Volunteer at DORA; I never knew who he was and what he does with The Derbyshire Healthcare.
JEESO !; He's one of The Guvn'r's at the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
My words that day was;
Oops! It's Me! Can You Hear Me!
I just thought that he was a Volunteer like them all.............................GULP!
We had a few stops for breathers as we were making our way to The Winding Wheel.
When we eventually got there, we got there a little early to find a seat and sit on the front row.
There was a gentleman that came over and started to talk to Alan. I thought:- "They must know each other!"
I sat 2 seats away from Alan, to give us more room to spread my bum along the chair.
This gentleman said to me:- "Excuse me!..............Do you know each other!"
I laughed and said:- "Yes; we know each other over a lovely cup of coffee!"
I brought out my little Moleskine note pad and I asked him what his name was; he brought out his pen and wrote in my little black note pad;
Steve Trenchard Chief Exec Trust
"Bleedin Heck !"
I giggled when I realised that he is the Chief Executive of the Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.
I started to talk to him and I asked him how he knew Alan, as I pointed my finger to him.
I said that I'm a very nosey person and I need answers to lots of things that I'm not happy with.
He smiled and said that Alan was his Boss!
"Bleedin Heck again!"
Alan Smith said:- "I'm one of the Guv'nr's for the Trust!"

Jesus; Mary & Joseph!


 Here's me thinking that he's a Volunteer, but he's a BIG CHIEFY BOSS MAN!!!


( Bugger; ............................!
I should stop swearing when I walk into that DORA office from now on........Oops! Sorry Alan Smith! )

I started to talk to Steve Trenchard about my blob/blog.
I told him that when I put the blog on the internet that afternoon of "Accidental Meetings........AGAIN!" at 2:15pm and then I had a wee look of how may times it had been looked at by 4:41pm the page had been seen 11 times before I left.
I told him that I just put it on Google Plus then just added it to my page on FaceBook; I said that I never sent it to anyone.
Eleven times that page had been looked at in 2hrs.....Not bad Eh!
Steve told me that I should twitter, he tweets.
I said that I would look into it later.

As Dr Edd was going through:- "Shining a Light into the Dark Side!"
He mentioned that anyone could just jump in when a subject of the topic was something that we wanted to talk about. I continually jumped in with all my questions.
I talked and talked and talked.
It was good that we could ask there and then; instead of waiting till the end and you probably forgot what you were going to say.
Just about anything and everything that he was talking about, had my name on it.
Bummer Eh!

Dr Edd & Steve Trenchard who Twitters, he asked me if I twittered yet? Hmmmmm! Maybe later!

The pictures weren't great this evening so here is Steve Trenchards story from Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust as the Chief Executive.

Steve Trenchard, Chief Executive 
Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust 

Tweeter Follow @Steve_Trenchard
Steve has been a mental health nurse for twenty three years and has long been connected to a values and recovery orientated approach to mental health and leadership practice. Steve became Chief Executive of Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in February 2013 and prior to this worked for three years as the Director of Nursing and Patient Experience at West London Mental Health NHS Trust. He has experience of working in the not for profit sector, spending five years as the Director of Nursing and Clinical Services at The Retreat, York. He has retained a strong academic interest in healthcare delivery, evidence based practice and leadership developments.
Steve has always been committed to the involvement of people receiving mental health services, both in their individual experiences of receiving therapeutic care, through to involvement in service delivery, design and evaluation. In his spare time he is Chair of ISPS UK (International Society for the Psychological and Social Approaches to Psychosis) which is a small charity dedicated to talking therapies and humane approaches to the recovery of people experiencing psychosis.
Steve writes a regular blog which you can view.

Steve Trenchard - Chief Executive

  Then there was Mark Wright of CIB
Hey; this is my photographic side of me with Dr Edd.
Now........Is this better with my photographer taking the picture or me trying to get our faces in the picture!!!

Every Day!
I get up,
Out of bed every day,
I try to smile,
What has gone wrong with the WORLD!


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