Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chesterfields Art Club Annual Awards Exhibition; What a Mouthfull !

Friday the 18th of October 2013
I was in the art class and members were showing their creations through paintings.
I spoke to the tutor and class about Julie H Winter; an Artist.
I mentioned how we met each other over the car breakdown.
The tutor put Julie's name on the board for anyone to take the name to look at her art work.
Then the conversation was about the Chesterfield Art Club Annual Awards Exhibition.
Hmmmmmmm! I may visit it !
Later I went out with Chris to get a particular shape and size of the canvas.
I'm going to play about with painting, I try to push myself every day for new experiences in life.
I do challenge myself to anything and everything, it's hard but I give it a go.
Once I've tried it with a big smile, I still go home in pain. (But still smiling!) I have too! I shan't fail!

The Art Exhibition to View!
Beautiful pieces of art, then I noticed...........!

.........................the cat painting is done by a class member; Well Done

Chris had so many choices to look at!

Aries and flowers!
TAKE NOTE! Have you paid attention to the weight that I have put on.................Arrrggghhhhhh!
That breaks your heart! 
It still annoys me that a Doctor put me down in writing that my diet has been inadequate.
Excuse my language; but it's true.

These remind me of Scotland out walking, and this one here reminds me of Loch Lomond...Hmmm! Lovely!

Chris and I then went for a nice refreshing cuppa at TcharTea Rooms.
We needed a cuppa after all the walking and the sights, I needed to rest my feet and legs.

Tchar Tea Rooms - Chesterfield, United Kingdom

Tchar Tea Rooms

It's a great lounge with live music in a relaxing atmosphere.

One lump or two!!!

I've never seen a T-Bag as Huge as that!
Great service........

..........and brilliant niceties!

Posh Biscuits....A-La-Moi!

The rain started falling and the sun was breaking though the clouds with a smile for another great day.
Another great day to bring the sun to shine.

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