Friday, October 18, 2013

I Accidently Met !

The 1st of October 2013

I was walking into town and stopped off at the Library.
"Hi Paul" I said as I walked over to the table, he pulled over a chair for me, so I sat down.
The usual; blether, blether, blether.
That's me!
We started to look at the computer for bits and pieces and coats.....beautiful coats by the way!
I said, "Are you stalking me or am I stalking you!" Then we quietly laughed.
I Accidently met The Mayor again.......
We do keep bumping into each other when we are out and about!

I managed to get a seat by THE MYSTERY MACHINE and read a bit of my book called Garnet Hill by DENISE MINA.

An audience of one sat beside me and we started talking about THE PLOT!

He loved me being the Storyteller

Then I went to see Roland. This is Roland Gray, Volunteer Manager for DORA Charity and a writer.....WoW!

Roland is part of a group which writes poems, short stories and drama extracts.
I went to my writing class and read Cucumber Lane a poem, a favourite of mine.

Roland gave me his story named "The Rescuer" he writes lots and lots of stories, I'm impressed.
Hopefully he can show me great ways for writing. I'm working my way through reading his stories.
It's a great adventure for the brain to be more alive these days.

Catch you all next week with another great peek into my life.
Remember; this blob/blog is about my life.
This is all about what I have gone through when I fought to walk and talk again.
I do hope that others may paint or write, even sing; to bring them back from where we have all been.
Good Luck to you all and here is Hope for us all too.
Lets hope that we shall see so many inspirational people who will help us all on our new path.

A great 1st of October, I wonder what excitement I shall go through next.
I seem to bump into some wonderful people these days, it's been a WoWseR Day.

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