Friday, October 11, 2013

Dr's orders & Happy Birthday Alisha Higgins

I started my 2nd week of rest.
I've thoroughly enjoyed the laziness that I was asked to do.
To begin with I thought "NOOoooooo!" would I be able to do this again, but my answer was "Yes"
On Tuesday the 17th of September, I lay down on top of the bed for a nap.
I suddenly woke up in a shock - I looked around for someone who spoke to me!!!
No one was there.....!
Straight away I said:- Jesus, Mary & Joseph, did someone mention that I had a drink problem?
I lay back down to see if I could fall asleep and see who said this in my mind.
Could I fall back to sleep and my answer was NO!

I recieved my Moleskine Notebook from the Writers Forum with Glee.
Moleskine Notebook for words published.
On Friday 20th September, we travelled down South for Alisha Higgins 18th birthday.
It was going to be a wonderful day, had by all.

Beautiful Birthday Buffet

Des and Dean Wallace

Boogy Woogy all night long, with sparkling feet.


Jerry Wallace
with Des Wallace & Lolita Higgins
Dean & Sarah Lewnes-Wallace

Janiece & David Wallace

Happy 18th Birthday  Alisha Higgins XXX

Dean & Sarah Lewnes-Wallace

Why do I look like I'm looking over the hills, far, far, far away!

Am I looking at something that no one else can see.......!

A great evening.

A super evening had by all.

All I've done this week is................nothing, nothing, NOTHING!
It's been a pleasure to do nothing again, I love this word just now.......NOTHING..............!
All my life so far, I've always been the worker, never been sick, struggled through an odd hangover, thats just a regular way of life as far as I'm aware of.
Nothing new there!

After a great weekend it was time for more studying.
Now back to work!

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