Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Friday 31st August 2012

I got up bright and breezy at 6am this morning my dear intelligent readers.
This is for my special injured boy MATT.
MATT, has gone through a lost place just like myself. NOTHING!!!
I got myself showered and I sang to Michael Buble. I remembered going to his gig in Sheffield Arena or was it Don Valley? anyway I get dressed for my fantastic day.
I put on my colours and my bling 
I have made a card for MATT and I have got a picture that MY PHOTOGRAPHER took of us with Roy.
The fact that I’m passing on my picture to Matt is so special to me and I hope he will feel the love there for him too.
It costs nothing to pass on the love and the happiness to my special friend.


When I got into the kitchen I started tap dancing all over again. That was the funniest thing, I dance CRAP but I think it’s so beautiful as my legs were definately lost.
I just laugh and laugh.
My day today will be Osborne to see Matt. WOOHOO
Then I go to meet Richard and his mum. WOOHOO  again.


It’s now  09:50am and I’m ready, ready, ready.
I was just waiting for my chauffeur, (Janiece) I was looking forward to my day.
The sun was shining and the temperature was a nice chilled out heat.
When I was ready to go, WOOPS, I got all the way to the car and YES, I forgot my wooden leg again. When will I remember!!!! I had to come into the house and collect the wooden leg, what did I do!!! I danced outside doing my soft shoe shuffle with my stick the way people used to dance with their artistic stick years ago.
We ended on our way to the city centre.
We ended up parking in the wrong space, why did I not look at all the details!!
Sometimes you don’t realise that your mind still has to remember lots.
I need to understand, to look, everything


When we all got together it was such a special feeling.
I remembered when Jean used to visit at the Mercure with Richard.
“This was their Friday lunch date.”
 I remembered them at the first table in the bar, I knew they sat in the booths too but THIS table felt so special to me.
I don’t know WHY it just IS.

I was telling or was I talking to Jean about my dreams and memories.
I even did my tap dancing for Jean and Richard. He, he, he.
The dreams and memories are so abundant now, for my stories.
I talk so much I hope you all still like my stories. Fingers crossed.


RICHARDS granny Beatrice was his dads mum. Sometimes people just cling together with the brain thing.
Some people just get old with age, or others just fall into each other with their brains.


The 11th August must have been the happiest day when she popped her head out.
Now do you think she was down at the hairdressers getting a coiffeur to make her look like her beautiful PAPA.
It was nice catching up with pictures and chit chat.
I could, talk and talk and talk with Jean. Did I take a breath for air, I can’t remember.


This afternoon was so lovely for me, I hope it was just as nice for you too.
We shall all meet soon. THANKYOU BOTH  XXXXX


It was lovely catching up with Hannah again. It was so sad that I had lost everything in my life. I have to work hard every day to get my things back, walking and talking.
I would like to say “HELLO” to ERIC DARDE and JOHNATHON SHEARD.
Eic Darde was my manager at Novotel, Glasgow. The hotel was next to the Police Station. You go out the front door of the hotel and take a left to Sauchiehall Street. That is two streets over. At one street over is a basement bar, it was so small and cosy. If you had about 12 people in there you would be stretching at the seems.
 Now Hannah,
I can remember meeting your dad in Glasgow at Novotel????
Am I yae or nae, yes or no. I can see your father in my mind, absolutely perfect.
Glasgow or Sheffield???

Welcome to my world again.  THANK YOU


Eric I can’t thank you enough for my past with you and Cristian Concari in NOVOTEL, GLASGOW,
Breakfast, Bar, some evenings with you.
I can remember doing the breakfasts with Raphael Urbani, he then went onto the bar.
Giovanni Giacoia he was on the reception. Giovanni was going to paint.

Now I mention KETTY.

I have had the BEST DREAMS & MEMORIES with YOU in MY MIND.
KETTY, I thank you sooooo much for all the attention and respect that you have given me. I loved our chatty times on the phone lately..
Shall YOU come to see ME or shall I come to visit YOU and YOUR MUM.
AHHHH!!!! Bueno, bueno signorita. Do I remember my languages??? Hmmmmm.


John Gildae, Scott Allison, Raphael Urbani, Giovanni Giacoia, Cristian Concarri and his sister KETTY.
Well, how many times do I say thank you, well I love to hear my voice and I think that you are all “WORTH IT” XXXXXX.


I went into the local café and we ordered our lunch. My afternoon was quite busy with all the stories again.
Tim brought in my sandwich, it was a flat bread with roast peppers. It was very tasty.
I think it’s such a wonderful thing, being able to taste FOOD. I was fed through a tube
for such a long time, actually eating was a supreme gift that I had.
Tim came over to ask us how tasty was our CARROT & COCONUT????
Well, I started talking again making sure that I got the baked cake that I wanted.
I knew what it looked like for my eyes.
I started telling them about my meeting with them.
My life was set alive again with my meeting them just for lunch. They were part of my life today, my diary had to bring them into my life. Tim wanted to know what I was doing so I told him. I think he was quite chuffed at the beautiful food we had and I said “Hmmmmmmm” “YUMMY”
Tim called Claire over to be in my life today too.
Tim brought out his swish phone to see what I was doing with my writing.
I was quite chuffed that he looked at me on the internet.
I will pop in and see you both later. ALL MY LOVE XXXX


We went through all the good old days together. Kip remembered Janiece from over a year ago. Hey he has a great brain for remembering and memories.

We have ran out of time to go back to OSBOURNE.
Not to worry I will go back tomorrow to see MATT.

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