Monday, September 3, 2012

Monday 27th August 2012


A special “HELLO  PAULINE” (ME) from Jon ***** I hear you were asking about me in the Cavendish. THANX.

The board had a message from me :-
Bank Holiday Monday / working Clowne Farm

I was ready to go, I started tap dancing in my wellies in the kitchen. What a professional eh!!! I just wanted to dance and have a laugh.
I was told last night that I could still go to the farm. Even although it was a bank holiday Monday, animals need to be fed. They are important, they just can’t walk down the road to go for an apple or a cabbage. Where would they hold the money?


When we got to the farm there was nobody else here. They were off work. Bank Holiday Monday. We plodded around to see if we could see  anyone!! NOPE.
The Flamingo was pacing backwards and forwards, It looked like she was on guard of her farm. I could imagine her counting how many rabbits, pigs and turkeys there was.
She was in charge, absolutely.
Eventually I noticed Mark turning up. Thank goodness for that. I can feed all the animals now.  Phew!!


Once he opened the doors, I went into the office and I was just about to make the drinks then I heard another car. Yes, it was Ian my owner/manager.
I went outside to speak to Ian.  Hey, you know what I’m like with the talking biz.
We went into his office and watched and read some of the pages from the blog.
I do hope he liked it. THANX  IAN XXX

Blue came over for a big cuddle from me. He loves to get right in the middle of everything. I don’t know what happens with the dog’s (Blue, Pip and Maggie) but I do love being with them.
Ian was telling me about the SOFT ROOM. It’s a future decorated room over in the bungalow, his wish list dreams are pretty cool.
Ian desires soft spongy walls, coloured electrical lights, it gives people a nice relaxing area, where your mind can just relax and enjoy your dreams.

I felt myself just lounging on the sofa, relaxed, fitting myself into the cushions. It was so very comfortable, I felt I was at home. The next room was spacious and I imagined sitting there typing away quite happily. I could be very happy, relaxed, home.
Dreams are quite a good thing to have.
I have a very good wish list. What would be on my list? Hmmmmmm.
I did talk a lot to Ian about my wish list. Did I talk too much to Ian about my desires?
Hmmmmmmm  MAYBE!!.

I looked at his property up for rent, it looked lovely. I could see myself cooking away for us all in the kitchen. What beautiful dreams I have these days.
There is “The Paddocks”, I can imagine how the garden will look, all the colours and smells. I thought that I could potter about in the greenhouse to encourage all the plants for the garden. Ahhhhhh DREAMS. Feeding the animals. AhhhhhhhDREAMS.

Last week we had a lovely crowd of little piglets, just born.
Everything was looking fabulous, between new turkey’s, ducks and piglets.
Piglets were such a beautiful creation. Why did people take little baby piglets away from their mummies. Would they survive without their mummy?
I hope that they will be ok.

Pigs and Pip

 Mark comes in to cuddle the new piglets. It was lovely to see all this, right in front of you. It was the most precious sight cuddling piglets.
I was cleaning out the stye to give them a nice new bed of straw. Well the piglets were having such a great messy time. The parent pig had pushed over my wheelbarrow with all the old straw, those little piglets were having such a great time.
Pip kept following me with a red brick stuck in her mouth.
It should have been a soft toy?  
I was taking the old straw to put it on the mulch. BACK, FORWARD, BACK, FORWARD. I get quite tired when I do physical work. It is a good thing for me. I do get fitter and fitter each week. All these changes in me is happening so quickly, I can see the things VISUALLY happening to me. I can TASTE so many things now, it’s AMAZING.


We had a lovely quartet of people out to see all the animals. The pigs, the turkeys, the geese, the rabbits and the little piglets. The guests had such a lovely sense of  harmony in their bodies. It was so beautiful seeing them so happy, they have given me so much happiness too. THANK YOU.

 I got home and I rested from my physical work at the farm. When I decided to make a move downstairs, I realised it was Lasagne for dinner. Hmmmmm.
It looked so yummy. I thank you all for my spectacular dinner. Hmmmmm again.

I can go and have my dreams again.

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