Sunday, September 23, 2012

Wednesday 5th September 2012

I got up this morning full of beans. “WHAT A GREAT DAY” my reader’s.
I’ve got paperwork all over the room, it’s pandamonium. I’ve got so many bit’s and bob’s everywhere, this is a full organising theme.


I got right into my balancing, did I do this properly two weeks ago, NO.
It doesn’t take me too long to right all my wrongs. I can balance properly now.
Leanne is so thrilled with my focus and determination. When I sat on the big balloon a few weeks ago for my balance and stance “I WAS CRAP!”.  Now I keep running instead of calming down for my body. “I do try, I WILL TRY”. My body wants to be where it was yesterday before my Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage and Stroke, not reliving again. That can be such a drag for me.


I have told Janiece and David a few weeks ago that I would behave myself on holiday. Just chill out and sleep as much as I could. KEEP MY MOUTH QUIET.
I know what I expect to do for myself. RELAX, RELAX, RELAX.


Richard arrived with the holiday pressed clothes. I loved to look at all the lovely ironed clothes. Hmmmm. Smell, Touch (carefully), someone had been ironing our clothes for our holiday. WOW.
Richard was pretty cool for a picture for my story. THANKS RICHARD XXX


We got ourselves ready for our HAIR & NAILS.
Janiece got her hair styled and cut first.
We had a good routine all sorted for us by JODY. THANK YOU JODY.
I was the second model for my hair to be boufetee cut (my new hair name).
I then had my pedi-cure and hand nails done in scarlet. Lovely, YES. I know that I am going to a RED night with the GUYS AND GALS on holiday.
We had a nice wee chat about “THE KIDS”. We looked and AWED and Aaaaah’ed at the picture. I’m sending you both a wee kiss and cuddle from me to you both. X X.
Jody is so good at doing my haircut now at home, would I be able to hold it together in a salon just now. NO. The noises of chattering, drying, clipping of sissors, I wouldn’t know what to listen to first. I need to focus myself on my LISTENING.
I got both hair and paint done. It was time for Janiece and her painted nails. LOVERLY.
It was lovely having the personal attention from JODY. THANX AGAIN. XXXX

David came home from work and we all busied ourselves with suitcases, up and downstairs, clattering, banging everywhere.
“Shall I take this!!”, “Is this OK!!”, “How big is my bum in this!!!!” Gulp.

Dinner we had, YES, I do know that I ate but can I remember what I had? NO.
I was so excited at GOING ON HOLIDAY.
After eating I was so excited I had to go my FB to have a wee chat with my GOOD OLD FRIENDS.
I let everyone know that I was going to “SALOU SOUL WEEKENDER” just south of BACELONA, SPAIN :)


That was me. I felt that I could jump over the moon.
This was going to be my 1st, 2nd life time on holiday.
I’m off to bed now as I know it is an early start tomorrow morning for the travelling to Letchworth to pick up Peter, then off to LUTON AIRPORT. YEEHA :)
I have already commented to Janiece and David that I will just take pictures from my holiday, THAT’S ALL. I said to them NO WRITING, NO BLOB/BLOG just pictures and maybe a few words here or there depending on the picture.
Some pictures just tell a story all on its own.
GREAT, what a nice lazy time ahead, NOTHING, ENJOY.
Catch you all in a week.  :), a wee smile from each of us. XXX

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