Monday, September 3, 2012

Thursday 30th August 2012

Good morning my fantastic readers.
Good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning, good morning.
To each and every one.
I got up and had my coffee, Fruit & Fibre and toast.
I was so happy again. I have organised all my “thing’s to do”
I had my shower then I put on my joggies & NEUROCARE T-SHIRT.
I put my joggies on, one leg then another without holding onto anything.
I want to sing so loud at that.
It’s a simple thing to, but, I do feel that I have won a gold medal.

Tiny physical thing, great big medal.

I got downstairs and then I started to jog everywhere. JOG, JOG, JOG.
I had a lot of fun with my arms they were have a great work out with lots of movements with lots of fun.
I went into the gym next door.
Hey, I like to call it MY GYM. he, he, he.
I was going to do my cycling. I started again with 5 minutes at No3.
I was getting totally puffed out after 3 minutes. Why, why, why??
I focussed myself on my fitness.
“I WILL do it, I WILL get fit, I AM walking the 5 metres next April. I HAVE the POWER and the STRENGTH.”

Once I had exhausted myself (after 20 minutes), I sat and watched the Movie on the T.V. You can actually learn a lot of stuff from the T.V.
It is a good educational piece or workmanship. I LEARN, LEARN, LEARN.
I had a nice wee bowl of tomato soup.
Hey I can even remember what I had for my lunch yesterday.
Nothing is written down, everything is in my beautiful brain.

I am going to take time off in my writing today. I have just decided that I would like to show you all MY STRENGTH. There will not be much in writing or zero in words.
YOU can SEE through MY pictures with ME

2nd February 2012 when I needed 3 people just to help me stand
14th March - walking without a frame

1st March 2012 - 2 weeks after my shunt and I'm learning to walk

Sometimes word’s can hide in your brain.
Readers, you can use your imagination at the Faith, the Strength and the Fight that I went through to walk with you all.

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