Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Saturday 1st September 2012

I woke up early this morning and I had a little tingle in my mind. I made myself a nice cup of coffee and I thought, thought, thought.
I decided that I was going to make a card. I had my last card and I knew that it would be for Alfonso.
I was checking out my spongy letters, their was no “O”s so I got 2x”Q”s. I cut the Q to make it looked like an O. What an intelligent genius I was.

I wrote this in the card -

THE STRENGTH, You have the strength.
STRENGTH  ---  You have the music back into your life. It is such a lovely sound to
                              hear you sing and play the guitar in the hallway.
                              That is a great strength.

THE FIGHT, You have the fight.

FIGHT -------------You have come back from the “NOLAND” that we all have been
                               lost in. I love the fact that you have the biggest amount of fight 
                               and you have brought yourself back here NOW.   

THE FAITH, You have the faith.

FAITH--------------I have all my faith in you. I know where you were before and now
                               I shall share my faith with you. You can go to where ever you
                               want to go now. I have my faith in you.

That was my words in Alfono’s card this morning, beautifully hand crafted by myself.
His friend asked if he could have a look at the card. I told him “YES” I thought it would be nice for him to speak the words aloud from the card. I thanked him for his assistance, maybe I should give him the P.A. job, so long as he makes a good coffee!!

 Janiece and I got on our way. HI, HO, HI, HO.

 When I got into Osbourne I felt that I was back home. Everyone was my family. I can remember where I had to sit in their office while they ate as they thought I would get up to mischief. I always wanted to do something that I was not allowed to do.
I had the rebel in the bottom of my belly. Even although I was 48yrs old, I wanted to make their heads spin all over the place. I had such a daredevil side to me. I wanted to make everyone look out for me.

I loved telling my stories to them again. When I left here on the 23rd April, my speech was quite goobly, goggly. Did I have any intellectual conversations. OOPS  
My mouth was absolutely all over the place. When I look back in my diary, YIKES.
It is very funny the way how my brain was working. Some of my sentences is pretty aweful. How many drugs was I on??? 

I had the loveliest time with Matt.

I gave Matt our picture and I gave him my hand made card especially for him.
I was so surprised  with Matt’s  speech. We all got the occasional word now.
I could actually jump over the moon for him.
I’m so happy today with all the emotions flying about us all. I knew that it was the perfect day for Matt.
I’ve never seen the most happiest face for such a long, long time. I can sing all day long now

We got ready to go into town for some shopping, we said our goodbyes to all the nurses and my favourite Matt. It was the great feeling to bring myself to see Matt
I won’t be so long to see you again. LOTS OF LOVE PAULINE XXX


When we got to the Italian stall it was amazing to look at the pasta’s, breads  and the nougats & nuts. I felt hungry straight away. When I got my nougat home I thought ooh I’ll just have a little piece. What did I do!!! I ate it all. SHOCK/HORROR.
It’s nice that I have my taste buds back, thank god.


When I got home Janiece made some special pasta for me. The herbs that we bought were nice and spicy. The spices were “WOW”
The pasta was so fresh, the tastes were dancing on my tongue.
Later on I got to my FaceBook. My friends have given me so much respect they have given me so many heroic, compassionate offers to me.

My friend GIOVANNI GIACOIA has been a good friend for at least 10yrs.
Giovanni has just moved to Boston, he is going to do the MFA Painting,
(Master Of Fine Arts). I know he will be fine. Hey Giovanni, shall I come and see you in Boston Hmmmmmm. 2yrs hard work, now, I could talk to you forever.

I seen a clip on the FB today, there was moi, I, Pauline, hulahooping at Janines Hayes****class in Milton Keyes. I didn’t really need to move too much, it was a great way to keep yourself fit and agile. Do I feel proud “YES” I’m attaching a link on me hulahooping. ENJOY MY READERS.


Dear Brian,
We had the loveliest chat. Thank you for the church name at your left elbow. You see there I go again about details all the time. I want everything done YESTERDAY.
Hey Brian say “HI” to BILL SALKELD. I’m waving my hand to him, OK.
Today has been a very intriguing****day. What will tomorrow hold for me.

I shall have another BLAST of my dreams and memories tonight. Catch you all later.
Pauline Quinn  49yrs old, I walk and I talk (too much)

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