Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tuesday 4th September 2012

We all have, (you & I) have a great day again.

I got myself ready and I had a girl for my OT. I decided what to do today. I was pretty good with the language now. I concentrate more on things to do.
I said I would BLOW my EGG.

I got my paints and goose egg and stone. I thought that would be easy. WAS IT!! NO.
I was ready with my needle to make a hole. I know to pierce the top of my egg. It took me ages to see a difference in the egg but at least I was quiet and concentrating hard.
When I eventually got the hole, it took me ages and ages.  It hissed with all the air expressing, evacuating, releasing, squeezing out. THANK YOU TEACHER.
It was sooooo smelly. YUK. I have taken the albumen out of the egg and rinsed it quite a few times to give it plenty of dry time before I paint on it. I’ve decided that I will become a painter now. I’m going to try to paint Portencross Castle. YIKES!!!

We had our OT and I was so quiet. LOVELY.


I went to EMMAS for my beauty session. She done my fingers and toes in RED.

I loved it. It was just a relaxing atmosphere, I could just fall asleep, my body is so relaxed these days, it is amazing.

It has been such a lovely time with you today.
I shall see you soon, this is from the bottom of my heart. XXX


Hey STEPHEN, what a most FANTASTIC talk we had today. I loved it.
THANK YOU, for spending time with me today. Just imagine.
I shall enjoy the time that we will have together, I can imagine all the GLAMPING talk and JIM FURY talk at the COTTIER’S talk, talking memories more eh!
Shall I sort you out a place for your head eh!

I have had such a beautiful day.


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