Monday, September 3, 2012

Wednesday 29th Augusat 2012

Another rainy day, boo, hoo.
I shall play with my mind.
Prices have gone up. What shall I pay for £10:00?  Now the other day I said I would buy a piece of Edinburgh Castle or the Eiffel Tower for £5:00. Now I will think.
People are becoming more inspiring, people are going ABROAD, their dreams take them to “Oui, PARIS” with a nice French accent, “haw, he, haw” or they would go to the WHITE HOUSE in America, I can imaging people walking about with the “STARS AND STRIPES” flag, feeling proud and strong. People can take their dreams further afield, it can be a great work out for the brain. What country next?


While I was getting ready there was a cool Spanish group on tv. ?  I think.
Then there was the arrival of the torch holders for today’s special night. THE PARALYMPICS.
The torch came on at the beautiful  MOSQUE. (thanks Neil) for the opening.
What a lovely sight first thing in the morning.
Seeing the steps covered in a luxury red carpet, it was gorgeous.
Everyone who is taking a part in this special event must feel SO PROUD and SO STRONG.


I have decided to enter twice. I have the smooth stone, painted like a piglet, and the big egg from some big, big, bird, that’s it two, things painted

I had a lovely B.L.T. for lunch. It was so tasty. Mmmm

It will see the great opening this evening at the Paralympics. I just can’t wait.

Competition again, well I just decided that I will paint my stone and my EGG.
The stone is painted a Piglet and the Egg has to be blown and then painted as PORTENCROSS. Ahhhhhhhh I feel quite confident.
2 x competition places. Ahhhhhh
I will go in for the competition twice. Now I’m getting ready for it with my pictures and my paints. Oooooh.  I’m quite excited. %-))
My head keeps going from competition to Paralympics, I’m all over the place. He he.

I started writing my letters.

I made myself a salad for my dinner, I knew there was salad stuff in the fridge.

Questions again.
Why do people decide when I’m going to cook?
Hey, I’m 49yrs old, I’ve cooked all my life. I thought I was having a nice working time off!!


I got ready for my bed early.
I cuddled myself up in my duvet to watch the Paralympics Opening on the T.V.
I felt so PROUD for them all. It didn’t matter what country they were from. I was truly proud of them as they have all fought to find the strength to get their life back. One leg, no legs, stuck in a chair, no arm or arms, they have just gone out there.

The opening was so precious, they all had the strength with all the happiest smiles.
I loved watching them all coming GALLANTLY onto the STAGE.
There was a bird with the finest song.
The songster with the greatest song for everyone.
When all the entrants were on their stage, the queen said a truly magnificent speech.
Then the whole area went BANG, BANG, BANG.
The fireworks were so breathtaking in every colour you could imagine.
My mind still has all the colours in a little corner in my brain. I shall keep it there for whenever I need a little pleasure to have a memory to remind myself.
It’s just gone past 12:00 midnight.

I have had the best sights for my pleasure.

I am going to have MY BEST DREAMS.

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