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Friday 7th September 2012 - Salou Soul Weekender

I got up bright and breezy……….WHAT A GREAT HOLIDAY.

Janiece and I got up early, we got ready for our lazy day. We were dressed for a brand new day. It was just after 09:00am and I got ready for a lovely breakfast outside.
Our plan for our holiday was :-
  1. Boys do boy’s things
  2. Girls do girls things
  3. Relax by the pool
  4. Swim, swim, swim
  5. Enjoy our adventure
We put our towels on the loungers to save our place by the pool, then we went up to the lounge outside the bar for our breakfast.
Ahhhh food outside, WONDERFUL.

Carlos Mordales was my special waiter. Do you know! That boy was very helpful to do as many things for me that he could do.

Hey, with pleasure and the biggest ear to ear smile.
Carlos has pretty good English, I hope my English is getting better now as I only started speaking on the 18th February, see this relearning, work, work, work.
Janiece and I ordered a baguette with bacon and cheese and I had a coffee and Janiece got a soft drink. YUM, YUM.
Carlos helped me round to my lounger with my coffee. Hey, Carlos was pretty cute for a young man!!!! Hmmmm, Shhh I said nothing. Sorry Carlos.
I am a 49yr old girl.
I have a 25yr old sense of humour.
I can be quite cheeky. Shhhhh.


I lay by the poolside with Janiece. My mouth had been silent for quite some time,
I was lying in the warmth of the sun, my mind was on an adventure, a new dream, remembering all the things that happened here 10yrs ago. WOW. It was fantastic.
The pool area was still quiet so I decided to go in for my exercise swimming,
JULIAN and I got ready for our counting of MY LENGTH’s.
As I entered the pool I only got as far as my knees, brrrrr.
The water was cold. It was icy cold next to my skin. I tried to put water on my legs, arms, body, BOOSOM. Oops. YIKES. That was funny.
It was strange feeling all these new senses in my body.
I was quite terrified but I was strong and bold and carefree to feel all these senses to my body. There was so many pop’s in my brain. I was remembering so many memories in my mind. The thoughts I had were fantastic for my brain.


Let me tell you all right now.
A brain is such precious piece of work.
We should all look after our brain with the softest hands and as gently as we can be.
I am so gentle with my TITATIUM plate on the left side of my head.
“Hey, TITATIUM plate, YOUR  worth it!!”

Back to story:-

I managed to get to the area for swimming.
It was 5ft at one end and 6ft at the other end of my length in the pool.
I stayed in at the side of the pool just in case I needed to hold on for safety.
Julian was so good.  He was watching every movement I had taken.
I shouted over to Julian, “I done 10 lengths yesterday, today 12 lengths OK”
I started my swim again. Every length I did Julian was sitting by the pool and raising his fingers to my counts. Bless him. When I got to 10 Pauline lengths I made a face to Julian about 12 instead of 10. Julian had the biggest smile on his face for 12.
He had stood up on his feet earlier “JUST IN CASE”.
I did 12 then……..14 YES…..
What can I say……..
I felt fantastic. YES, YES, YES. I did it.
I knew it was safe just to collapse on my lounger. I felt superb.
I beat my challenge of 12. What next eh!!!
I knew what my body was doing. I feel every nerve, muscle, everything.
That was my workout for the day. Swimming  DONE. tic
I should be my own Doctor Pauline Quinn. YES.


David told us that Peter was away to the bay for a swim. He was going to catch up with him. I asked David if I could walk with him and he said yes. I asked Janiece if that was ok? She said yes. Janiece told David and I that she will catch up with us when shot changed. I knew she would not be very long.
I walked down on the beach walkway with David, we went to where Peter was going for a swim in the ocean. It was a beautiful quiet bay on the seafront. When David and I got there we were looking from the pathway to the sea, Peter was out swimming, he was having such a lovely time. The arms were waving “HELLO”

Peter had been there for a few hrs so David told Peter to catch up with us as we would be on the front having ice creams. We found a nice table on the front. I knew that we would be seen by Peter and Janiece. I decided that I would have an ice cream, ahhh heaven. Ice Cream, what next?
Am I working backwards on a menu, desserts, mains, starters? Hmmmm
Janiece arrived at the bar, we were just waiting for Peter. The three of uswas n waited for Peter but I asked if I could walk over to see if Peter was about to leave and join us. There was no sign of him. I thought we were sitting in a good seat to be seen. BLAST
We decided to have our lunch.
We were in the SAPOREDIMARE restaurant. As we sat down the waiters brought out a big melon cocktail for the “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” All the party and waiters sang the song, I started crying with my emotions. I was so happy with the celebration and memories, I just couldn’t stop crying.
The manager came over and asked me if I was OK. I said “Yes, I was so happy I can’t help crying” The manager came over to me and shook my hands and said goodbye. As we were about to leave we seen Peter, “relief”.  We then decided what was next on our agenda. The boys decided to go back to the hotel. Janiece and I decided to go up to Panoramic Bar. The boys were DJ’n, Ash & Mark.. When Janiece and I got there it was a beautiful open terrace, so far down below. We climbed up so many steps to get to the bar it was breathtaking. What a view we had, the coastline was magnificent.
When Janiece and I had enough we just wanted to walk. We made our way back to the beach path and I seen the BANANA BOAT. “PING” I remember the banana boat from 10 yrs ago. Do you know that I fell off the Banana too. Ping, ping, ping. I remember 10 yrs ago that I used the Pedalo on the water as well. Can you remember that Sarah Jane Burns. What a brain that I have now. I’m like a detective.
There was the double paraguide, it was gently gliding through the air, majestically.
When we got back to the hotel David decided to go for a wee wander round some shops. I was thinking, what pressies? I went along with David again and I just happened to buy myself some RED BLING. I like to treat myself now, would I have bothered about that before, NO. Everything is so brand new.
The touch, the smell, the sight, the memories.
We bumped into Vince Viechweg again, hey I bump into everyone, casually.
We were wandering aimlessly and then I asked to go for a coffee.
We ended up in LA SPERLIA . The topic was about Port Aventura, the big roller coaster. Now that is me going down memory lane again. I have had so many memories so far, I really need to cut back now.
Hey, I can see me writing a book, the words come rolling off the tongue.


We had a lovely coffee and ice cream. The ice cream had fruit cocktail, mint, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream. Yummy. We were with quite a few of the Salou residents. They were all so caring and compassionate to me and the Solou Soul Weekenders.  We took notes for the ICKY’S CYBERWORLD and RESTAURANT. 1hr, 1 euro.

We got ready for the music but we needed to eat first.
The evening was “RED”.
I have just come out of a model pose, with my long evening GOWN. Ahhhhh.
The four of us in RED had a fantastic dinner, I think that this was such a good place to just hang about. Just as we were finishing our dinner, DIMITRY arrived at our table and started showing us what it said on his card, then he offered us some gifts. As I looked at his card I realised that Dimitry was deaf. The poor boy couldn’t even feel the joy that I have felt in getting my voice back.

 This was our second night out with DJ ASH, DJ MARKY MARY and VINCE VIECHWEG, BRIAN JAY

MY BOYS, I really feel that they are my wee boys. He, he. I feel that they are all so compassionate towards me, they have so much respect. I feel as if they were always in my life. All the old songs were playing now. STEPHEN just popped into my picture.
I do respect the old songs “Ain’t stopping us now” and “You keep me happy”
What can I say “YES, I AM HAPPY”.
We had our RED clothes out for the evening.

MERV & DAVID  you are both Cool man.
We had only been there for about 50 minutes and I asked Janiece if I could go home.
She was so considerate towards me, yes, she took me home.

My special friend Vince Viechweg the photographer

Our neighbours David & Merv
I had the best day.
I just need to be there at the start, feel the atmosphere, feel the music in my body and see all the happy smiling faces. Ahhhhh. Off to bed. :)

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