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Thursday 6th September 2012 - Salou here we come!!


I’m flying out to SALOU, SPAIN. WOOHOO!

I woke up just after 4am(ish).
I jumped into the shower first to start our holiday. I was so excited at going on holiday now. I couldn’t stop smiling. I had the biggest smile from ear to ear. My excitement was so HIGH, I was in “ANOTHER WORLD”.
David was our DRIVER and Janiece was the SECOND MATE. I just sat in the back seat of the car as “M’LADY” he, he, he.
We had the radio on for David to listen to the cool tunes. David was putting on the “COOL TUNES” for us all to listen to and chill our brains, relax.
As we were listening to the radio it was 06:39am.
We were listening to CHRIS EVANS he was playing on Radio 2. Janiece and David had a wee chat and asked me if they could send CHRIS EVANS a text to his radio station. Well I didn’t mind letting people know the strength that I have now that I’m celebrating my 2nd life on holiday. It was a maybe or not case of CHRIS commenting my joy going on holiday after my Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage on the txts.
I listened to CHRIS EVANS on the radio but there was no comment. L
David pulled over in a lay-by for me to change seats with Janiece. I could hardly hear anything that David was saying to me in the car. I couldn’t really hear what I had to listen to, David or Radio2. My poor brain was trying to find the right path for me. I needed to be closer, I had to sit nearer to David  to hear what he said. I couldn’t hear the conversation with David or the radio station chit chat??? I couldn’t understand that? “TWO AT THE SAME TIME???”


As we were driving I started thinking about my first word?
Was PRETTY my 1st word in my 2nd life. I have a funny feeling that it was said to a lady nurse who looked after me?
Answers to Blog? THANK YOU XXX
Every time I go into Osbourne  or the Hallamshire Hospital, I see so many nurses male and female. I feel that they were MY FAMILY.
You all know, that I know how I feel for you all too.
I can’t understand the feelings that I have for all of you guy’s. I do love you all sincerely. I REALLY FEEL that you all are in my family, Know I do know that it was only from my headache stuff but it feels that you have always been there in my life.
Do you think that” being in my mind for life” is that due to the fact that my brain has had to re-taught itself. Where to put all the memories were mixing up with my sickness?
It feels that they were always THERE for me in my mind. Was it my 2nd life birth???


I did remember all the days and days when Janiece and David came to see me.
They spent every day with me to brush my teeth and try to make me a winner.
I had the biggest medal for spitting the white minty toothpaste down the sink. Yahoo.
David always had my “LITTLE DAVE” teddy bear in some quite intriguing poses for me.
BIG DAVE was always funny to watch.
He was on the metal arm of the T.V. “POSING” Little Dave was lying under the duvet as if he was cold, DAVE then became a nurse. “NURSE WEE DAVE”
When I was in Hallamshire Hospital I was allowed to have my family visiting  between 2-4pm and 6-8pm. God, Janiece was there brushing, brushing my teeth.
She was always there looking for my facial “LOOKS” to see what she could understand as I could not talk. “I WAS LOST” .


Cristian used to always visit me on a Monday & Tuesday from work. He found me always in the hospital or the Osbourne 4.
This is where my visitors were only allowed to visit me from 2-8pm. To me it felt quite a long time 6hrs? Well I knew I had all my challenges, my physical work out with the nurses in Osbourne 4. The more I slept in the afternoon the more rest I gave to my body. Cristian has always been my best friend from a long, long time.
Cristian always turned up on a Monday and Tuesday,  Well that was his works days off. He was very compassionate and helped me with my fight back to my life.
When he walked into the hospital to see me I always had the biggest smile from ear to ear for him. I just could not let him down.
He has given me more strength than I ever had.
I have had txt messages from Cristian’s sister Ketty Darde???? Ketty lives in Italy.
This is what Ketty txt to me, “It’s lovely for me as well, glad to see that your getting better, soon you (i) will be able to come to visit us ( children & mother) in Italy or I’ll (she, Ketty) come to UK have a nice weekend dear XXX.
The words were so passionate towards me. Ketty spoke to me as if she had jumped over the moon too. She has seen the progression in me in such a small time.
I can only imagine at all the hurt that Cristian and his sister Ketty and his mum had in my sad, sad life with tubes sticking from everywhere. I thought between Ketty coming here to see me or from me to fly to  ITALY. Hmmmmmmm ITALIANO.
I HATED the pills. I HATED lying in my bed. I HATED it when I couldn’t talk properly, I HATED it even when I was moved from my bed by hoist to my chair. I loved the fact that I could move from bed to chair, BUT, why did I HATE being in my chair. Why did I want to run away from my chair when I couldn’t walk?????
When I had my 1st TRACHEMA SURGERY it took me about 8 weeks down the line to get fed on to soft food instead of vein food through a tube. GOD, I really HATED that as well. When I got into my chair I wasn’t there very long as I had to go back to my bed. My body was very weak, I was just not a strong person. I just wasn’t strong enough to sit up straight. BOOOOOHOOOO :(
I had to go back to BED, BED, BED.


My new beady necklace was from my sister Janiece. She knows how much I like my sparkles, I love a bit of BLING!!!
As we were on the road to Letchworth my bling was dancing on the roof of the car. The colours were dancing everywhere in the car. I heard THE PROCLAIMER’S on the radio show now they were singing it 500 miles or 5,000 miles??? One of those anyway. Someone was singing ”The sun is shining for my special day”. There high air balloons in the sky, I remembered all my travelling to LUTON AIRPORT. As we got closer I remembered learning to drive a car when I had The Greyhound pub in Dunstable, England. Memories are pretty fascinating.
We were passing Norton /Letchwood so David  suggested to phone Peter to make sure he was up and ready, we were not going to be late for the flight. We all say hi to Peter and I got my GET WELL card from Peter. THANKS PETER. Peter was struggling with his suitcase alarm again. I feel the funny side of a lot of things these days. Laughing is a great plus to you. Good humour.
The radio was still on and we were listening to Human League they were playing a great old song “Don’t you want me baby”
Janiece and I started to talk about our PUNK days.
Janiece was working at a hotel in Pitlochery. My mum and I decided to visit Janiece there for the day out. Janiece and I both had a pierced nose. PUNKTIME.
I had such squeezy, tight, skinny, zippy, black jeans. I was always a size 8 in clothes. When I was walking I could only walk so far otherwise my jeans would trip and gobble me up in a mess. I had a dainty step for walking but a mouth as trashy as the SEX PISTOLS.


When we reached the main long stay car park we reached L23 for parking which was closer to the bus stop. The local policemen were really good to us by pointing directions from car park to departures. At 11:20am we are due to depart from Luton.


By the time we get to the passport check, the necklace OFF, the bangles OFF, any liquids in bag OUT, Wooden Leg OUT, TITANIUM plate BLEEP, BLEEP, BLEEP.
I told Liz the passport lady, Oooops Liz, I’m sorry I can’t put the my plate in your plate/tray for the passport. SORRY.


When we got onto the Easy Jet there was Allan the Crew Manager. He was very polite showing us where to sit and he put my wooden leg away in the overhaul room.
“CLUNK”  I think my wooden leg was trying to runaway, escape. I heard the overhaul make a bit of noise but we couldn’t see behind the door.
We took a steady turn around and ready for our takeoff.
My inside of my body was rising and floating. I really felt that I was floating. When I looked out the window the sky was on the right and then the ground sights were on my left. We were turning and raising in the plane. UP, UP, UP.
My head started tingling with the (fingers crossed) air pressure and sights out the window. The views were AWESOME.
My ears just popped on my way to the toilet. At least the little walk to the loo gives me a little bit of exercise. RESULT. :)
I looked out the window again and the clouds look beautiful, just like my cloud system except mine was red rose pinky colour. The clouds seemed so far below us. We were just flying over the South England Coast, it was leaving land, now it was on the sea. As the crew were coming with the beverages and food, I started thinking????
Ask ALLAN nicely----PLEASE??
I had a coffee and Blueberry Muffin and a twix. WOOHOO! 
We were flying at 3,900feet and just passing gay Paris, flying into Toulouse area.
Bonjour, Madame at Monsieur, haw he haw la la la la la.
I shared half a Croque Monsieur with Janiece. I became very French, or Fransoise. Someone was snoring loud behind us. He, he, he.
I told David about my landing date, 2 x doing p.c., 1 x spelling, 1 x summarising. What a great bunch of creative clever boys.
One of the girls that I spoke to was Lara Wagle  she is English and she comes from Hemel Hempstead. We had a great wee talk. I LOVE TALKING.
We were flying to land in Barcelona. My ears popped again. POP, POP, POP.
Allan our Crew Manager and young Darren clicked into their chairs.

WE LANDED ----- 13:06pm

The sun is shining awesomely and our PILOT RICHARD is telling us all THANK YOU for travelling with them at EASY JET.
My wooden leg/stick fell out of the overhead drawer above. My wooden leg/stick just  fell from the sky. It was 13:10pm and all the fliers left the plane and Allan and Darren came and asked me if I’d like to view the cockpit with our BIG MAN PILOT RICHARD


Jenny & Craig had been a great conversationalist with me bit they were due to SORTIDES/SALIDAS (leaving).
There was a big HORSE, a creation, named JUAN, (named by me). He was very dusty, I think he needs a bit of cleaning?
I seen the local airport officers on  sedgeway mopeds, they reached a lot of footway patrol.
There was a lovely JILL JONES and KAYLIE JONES celebrating a 60th event.
We got our bus at 3pm, the weather was beautiful. The only off side was that I sat on some CRAP on my bum. J
We were on our way to MARIANDA HOTEL in Salou. Did I know what was happening, NO. I just couldn’t even imagine what was in store for me!!!!
I always thought that Salou was on the beach. RIGHT. J
We drove through the TOLL’s. 1 area to another. There was little castle houses. They were painted yellow, orange, pink, and white houses. They grew big Palm plants. There was old fortresses, it was a great view for my memories.
There was the big ASES refinery for oil.
There was large tankers bearthed in their next sail.
There was the big roller coaster from 10yrs ago.


I loved my memories I remember going through the LAS RAMBLAS in Barcelona 10yrs ago. The street entertainers were very amusing for the eye. J
I remember going through LAS SAGRINIA FAMILLE, the BANANA BOAT .the ADVENTURA park. What great visions in my head, it truly was wonderful.
We arrived at the hotel Marinada at 4:20pm.
We had a lot to do, we had to go and get our green badges for our music marathon for the next 5 days.


I’ve done enough as part of my catching up on my blob/blog. I will catch up soon with my stories. I’ve only just arrived in SALOU and I’ve written 5 pages already. YIKES.
I said “just take pics and write a few words” Why did I think that would work out???


I got home at 8:30pm just in time. My head was rolling all over the place. Janiece just left to go home J It was 9:50pm and my door was knocked for me to take drugs. I thought I had them earlier from Janiece but there was no signature. “WHERE AM I”
The “where am I” is about 4am.!!!!!! GOODNIGHT.



We had just booked into our Hotel Marinada. As soon as I walked into our bedroom I was attracted into the loo!!!
I looked at the marble on the sink and the two rows of blue tiles in the toilet. My memory went on a little cruise in my brain. 10yrs ago? My son Robert Love and my niece Sarah Jane Burns?? YES?? We were on the side of the hotel facing onto the swimming pool. I looked out at the pool from our veranda, Robert was hanging out with the other kids at the pool area!!! I watched everything from the veranda, I had eyes like a hawk, watching everything, missing nothing. I felt that it was good to let a child grow up and hang about with other friends.
I did watch, but I stayed away far enough not to interrupt, but I knew what was exactly going on. KIDS!!! What a lot of fun he had, memories.XXX


We moved round to the original hotel that we were booked into. I did not realise that so many people arrived for this SALOU SOUL WEEKENDER. There was quite a few of us transferred round the corner to Hotel Marinada.
We all walked round the corner to the Hotel J’aime. As we walked in there, who was sitting right in front of us???? YES, it was DJ ASH, DJ MARKY MARK and the beautiful paper ladies Velda & Madeleine.
DJ ASH ticked us off his list and gave us the fantabulous green wristband. I felt like a lady getting a bracelet from a young man. He, he, he.
I felt like a young girl oops 2nd life. We then moved over to DJ MARKY MARK. Well what can I say……..Hey Mark, I can say thankyou again for going out of your way to get me a t-shirt. J 
The littlest things to me are so special to me,
I shall let you know that I will wear them both with pride for you when I exercise..
Once we booked in for our ticking list well we had a pose.
It was me with DJ Ash and DJ MARKY MARK. It was fantabulous.
Was I a brilliant fan!!!!! I think so, oops!!
Janiece and I started going back in time for our memories. We started talking about the Saracens Head in Dunstable, well when David walked in there I can only say that he won the raffle.


We got back to the pool for a swim, it was beautiful. I picked the smallest bit of the pool as MY LENGTH. This was me out on a fitness regime. GREAT. I worked for 10 PAULINE SWIM LENGTH’S.
I had lost so much of my breath. I was KNACKERED.
Tomorrow I hope I will reach 12 length’s.


We walked along to Rooney’s, it was run by NIGEL & RICHARD. They owned a 1/3 of the property. It was very nice we ordered our lunch. We all ordered our lunch it was a XL Cheeseburger Chicken Balls, Steak & Salad……….. CANCELLED…….
OOOOOOP’s  I think the chef had a bit of a boohoo and he decided to walk away. No worries we will find another food establishment soon.
Maybe I think David should wear his sunglasses for dinner this time. Should David be saved from the sight of cancellations eh!!! Should I go and buy David some flowers for his food disappointment, maybe I should go to the petrol station for them and maybe buy him a wee Sangria to calm him down!!!!


2 x Sirloin & Green Peppers
1 x Chicken Salad
1 x Paella
Were the staff in here ?? MEN OR WOMEN??
Hey, I have a good talking time here but I cannot say anything to you all Shhhhhhh.


I put my black volumptious dress on. I thought “COOL”
When we got there we seen a PURPLE MAN ????   Totally confused I was.
I couldn’t work out what was happening here in my brain????
I knew music…..YES.
I knew DJ’s Ash & Mark……..YES
Did I really know…….. NO
There was a little platform that I was trying to get up onto. I thought that if I seen it all happening from above I would really know what was happening. I did struggle to raise my leg he, he, he, what a sight!!!


The little girl next to me was NIKI.
She enquired with me about why it took me with so much difficulty to try to get onto a small platform. NIKI helped me up & it was great to be above everyone. NIKI asked me for my paper and pen and wrote for me:-


She got a picture with me WOW. I was so blessed that NIKI went out of her way to help me see the enthralled crowd and then I had another fascinating lady taking my paper and pen, she wrote to me:-




Vince wrote his name on my book straight away. I was totally flabbered  at the attention that I was having with SALOU SOUL WEEKENDER’S. I was in a shock I only wanted to see what people were doing!! Vince was my click man. He was the photographer for the Weekender’s blog. Please use

As I stood there holding onto the hand rest, the music was all SOUL TUNES, I felt that I was in another place with my dreams, thoughts, emotions and feelings. The music put me in a trance, I loved to close my eyes and dream on my feet. WICKED.
I slowly moved  my head area side and side, my bottom legs bent at the knees, bend, straight, bend, straight. That was MY DANCE. I felt loose, that I would just float away in my head.
As I looked down at the enthral of guests the soul guests were all dancing with the biggest smiles. From ear to ear. They were all so happy. I didn’t realise that this is what the SALOU SOUL WEEKENDER was all about.
It was just people hanging about, dancing and grooving & being HAPPY to the soul music with fantabulous DJ’s. F.A.B.


I was getting (clicked) photographed quite a lot with VINCE VIECHWEG. He was taking pictures from behind the bar and the music DJ area too. The pictures were good for the publicity for this special event. Vince was great as a photographer just like my big brother Brian Quinn in Glasgow. Brian has photographed so many celebrities from music to models and film stars.
What can I say about Vince……. Well, I’m learning every day about your background and who you click at.
What can I say “You have clicked at this gorgeous lady…..yes…..ME”. he, he, he.


I have had the most thrilling, eye opening, knee bending, happy feeling, soul music night.


I have had the BEST  1stnight in my 2nd life. THANK YOU ALL XXX


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