Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - 25th June 2017 The Asian Ladybeetle

This is the Asian Ladybeetle which I noticed in the garden.
I think this is what it may look like before it turns into a multi-dotted Ladybird?
There is evidence of the multi-dotted ladybirds on the garden and something we'll look into?

           Next information and pictures from internet:

                     Occasional Invaders

The Asian lady beetle is also known as the multicolored Asian lady beetle because its color varies from pale yellow to red-orange. Most specimens have 19 black spots, but some have none. Another identifying character is the black M-shaped marking (think “M” for multicolored) outlined in white on its back just behind the head. The young are typical alligator-shaped lady beetle larvae, red, orange and black in color, with Y-shaped spines covering their bodies.

Asian Lady Beetle (Larva)
When disturbed or crushed, the beetles secrete a foul-smelling orange-colored fluid from joints in their legs. This can stain fabrics, carpeting, wallpaper and other household items. In addition, the adult beetles will feed on fruit, especially grapes, but also apples, peaches and berries. They prefer to lap up the juices of damaged fruit, but will bite into and feed on undamaged fruit as well. Similarly, the beetles will bite humans, though the bites are no more serious than pin pricks.
As the Asian lady beetle is a tree-dwelling species that naturally spends the winter in the cracks and crevices of cliffs, multi-story homes and homes on hills near wooded areas are likely to be invaded in the fall.
Lady beetles will often settle down for the winter beneath siding and shingles, in attics, soffits, porches, garages, wall voids, window and door frames. Owners of homes at risk should seal these harborages when practical. Properly timed, preventive treatment of exterior walls and surfaces with liquid residual pesticides may be of value, and is best done by pest management professionals. Once the beetles appear indoors, collect them using a vacuum cleaner.

Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles (Note Variation in Color and Markings)


Now back to volunteering on the garden.......
Coat hooks and lockers were  fitted into the caravan.
Coat Hooks and Lockers came from the demolished/previous Queens Park Swimming Pool & Gym.
All volunteers can place their coats/rucksacks into the caravan areas when the weather is good.

The concrete slabs were placed for the pizza oven initial setting before the final step.

The vegetable plants are looking good and healthy, I may make the beetroot brownies again this year.

Above the garden this pilot done some remarkable Aerobatics in the sky which was a treat to watch.

There was a composting toilet workshop in the afternoon

There was information of what to do with the liquids and solids from the composting toilet.

This is when I noticed the Asian Ladybeetle

                                                     To Be Continued..................................

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