Saturday, July 22, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - The First Pizza Oven Burning 16/07/2017

When I arrived at the garden the first thing I saw was the making of an entrance to the pizza oven.

Marigolds were planted to grow at the side of the wildlife pond and the weeding continued in the soft fruit cage.

The golden locks were growing down the stem that covers the sweetcorn.

The wild flowers started to bloom and more visitors arrived.

Rhubarb was growing well.

I assume it may have been discussions about the height of various fruits or vegetables; it's always good to hear other peoples achievements in a garden.

 Wild flowers planted at the pond.

The sand from inside the Pizza Oven Cob was taken out and there was wood cut down to size for the first initial burning in preparation for the next layer to follow soon.



                                                              To Be Continued............................

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