Thursday, July 20, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Cob Measurements 13/07/2017

When I arrived at the garden, work had begun in making the shape and measurements for the Cob.
The Cob shape began with lots of damp sand; a bit like sandcastle building; but there was no sun, sea, sand on a beach for this task!

The measurements shape was placed over the sand dome which will be the inside of the Cob.

Measurements were completed then the next step was the barrier between the sand and the inner of the Cob with paper and water.

Terracotta clay was measured with the length of a long nail for the depth of the inner layer of the Cob.

I started to look at the preparations being done at the bottom of the plot for a childrens activity area which will be ready for the Open Day. There will be a Treasure Hunt, a Balancing Line to walk along and plenty of wood for Den Building.

The Balancing Line looked so much fun so I thought I would try it out and see if I could walk along the line but I only achieved to balance and never managed to walk forwards or backwards.
The fact that I shakily balanced on the line was more than enough for me!

The dogs like all the attention they get when they visit the garden and they're always ready to pose for the camera!

I gave the Wicker Chair a haircut and trimmed all the edges that I could reach.

Another wonderful sunset at the end of the day in the garden.

                                                  To Be Continued...................................

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