Monday, July 24, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Paul Chapman S40 Local, pizza trials & bumblebees 23/07/2017

The oven was already burning when I arrived and I looked forward to watch how they created a pizza from scratch as the only thing I ever do to have a pizza at home would be to take it out of the freezer, take off the wrapper and pop it into the oven. The only strenuous thing would be to put the pizza on the plate and use the pizza cutter to put the pizza into sections which I pick up with my fingers and place it into my mouth for eating?
You can learn something new every day!

Now that look says everything!

ABSOLUTELY BOOTYFUL.....................!


I've managed to capture the above picture of a hovering fly in the middle of the shot.
How clever insects can be, it's acting like a helicopter and possibly hovering over food.

Lovely to catch-up with Paul Chapman again, he came to visit the garden with his family and friends. Paul runs the local magazine S40 Local from West Studios, Sheffield Road where I attended Chesterfield College doing the Foundation Diploma in Art & Design.
I'd often pop my head round the office door to say 'Hi' to all.

AFTERNOON WORKSHOP----------Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Another good Sunday at the garden with food and education looking after the bumblebees.......
                                                        To Be Continued...................

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