Thursday, July 27, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Walking for Health 26/07/2017

I joined a group called Walking for Health and even although the morning had a continuous downpour of rain it never dampened our mood to walk.
The paths that were taken went along pathways which I've never seen or knew about before and it was interesting to see the building design of Cannon Mill which has a water mill.
Cannon Mill is the last surviving building to date back to the Smith's iron foundry which cast cannon and ball for the Napoleonic Wars and the American War of Independence.

Our destination was a visit to Inspire Community Garden.
It was lovely to see that there was a smiling welcome given with an added tour of the garden.
After the tour, I then put the kettle on to make tea & coffee with a slice of Lemon Drizzle cake which was made especially for our arrival by the host.

After the tea break, Walking for Health went to finish their walk and I continued to stay on for the afternoon session at Inspire Community Garden.
I asked if there was any style of dress/attire to wear to become a pizza chef for the Open Day?
So here I am as the model wearing the recommended pizza chef attire.

Work continued making pathways with tree bark which was raked down to make the area level.

Green and Yellow courgettes

This squash is called 'Tromboncino' (Italian) it looks rather interesting as there is yellow splashes on the green leaves and recipes are available on the internet.

This is the largest courgette I have ever seen before!

This distinctive juvenile has gone through the larva stage then metamorphosis begins and brings it into an adult as a ladybird

Many thanks for washing up the cups for me!

                                                                To Be Continued.............

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