Friday, July 7, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - Additions to Pizza Oven & Insect Hotel 5/7/17

I arrived at the garden and seen that more work had been done on the structure of the pizza oven.

It was interesting to see that some wild poppies were in bloom in various colours outside the soft fruit cage next to the fruit trees.

The wild flowers started to grow outside the soft fruit cage between some of the resident trees.

Weeding was getting done in the soft fruit cage.

I looked at the insect hotel and started to add extra facilities for any insect that would like to stay; as soon as I started to build this extension a future customer Mr Woodlouse came over to peruse at what was on offer as a business &/or holiday resort.

                       BEFORE                                                                                     AFTER

Mr Harold Woodlouse perusing the facilities...........

                                                                 To Be Continued.................................


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