Monday, July 24, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - The Pizza Oven Chimney 20/07/2017

As I entered the garden the newest sight I saw was a chimney positioned on the pizza oven between the cob and the oven entrance and there was the continuation of the insulation second layer of terracotta clay and straw to be finished. The Pizza Oven was looking very striking in the garden.
I look forward to the sessions when they try out the initial 'baking a pizza trial' before the 'Open Day'
(lets hope there will be lots of trials?)

More straw was collected to add to the terracotta clay for the second layer of the cob.

Work continued in the Potting Shed.

The sweetcorn, peach and clementine are all growing well.

I always thought that courgettes were green but the garden has green and yellow courgettes.

Watermelon and sweetcorn.

Below could possibly be titled the 'winter cherry' or 'Chinese lantern'

Cucumbers and Tomatoes

 Various types of tomatoes.

There was a stunning reflection of the clouds and trees at sunset that shone over the wildlife pond.

I was given the last 2 courgettes picked in the garden that day. I was going to make a pasta dish the next day and I had already bought a courgette in the food store but when I took the garden courgettes home I was impressed at the size of the vegetable grown in the garden

                                                   To Be Continued.............................

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