Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - A Dreich Wet Wednesday 28/06/2017

We always seem to be lucky with the weather when it's time to go to the garden but it was refreshing to feel the rain on my face when I arrived. We had two new visitors so I thought it would be good to heat ourselves up with a wee cuppa tea and blether before we went on a tour of the garden as it was 'Dreich Ootside' or in English - Dreek Outside - Raining!

There's always a smile on a Dreich Day when you're soaked right through inside and out!

A malfunction must have happened to the phone when I took this picture in the rain as this picture surprised me when it came out in Black & White? It's been a happy malfunction!

                              A new bloom on the Clematis plant.

                                                         To Be Continued..............................................

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