Thursday, July 6, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - The Pizza Base 29/06/2017

It's been wonderful news that Inspire Community Garden will be building a Pizza Oven on the land.
We were lucky to have the assistance from Malcolm the Pizza Man; a professional builder.

There was talks of where the pizza oven should be positioned and all the building information of how to design and create this pizza oven; just talking about pizza's makes me hungry!

Everyone's ears were pricked listening to all the info.

They started to move the brick slabs where they will be positioned, so the land could be levelled out before the cement would be put down.

The pizza oven will be positioned next to the wildlife pond area and hopefully the wild flowers will grow and bloom this year.

It was time for a cuppa tea after watching the creation of the Pizza Oven Base.

Many Thanks to:
Malcolm (our Pizza Man)

It was time to look at the rest of the garden to see how things were growing.

The work being done on the Pizza Oven will be for:

                        Inspire Community Garden

                                     SUNDAY 30th JULY 11am - 3pm

                                       To Be Continued..........................................

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