Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Inspire Community Garden - 31/05/2017 Honey & Bumble Bees with video of Common Backswimmer

 The earth was collected to build up the inside of the newly constructed raised beds.

They were working out where to place the new plants in the garden.

There was a yellow water iris for the wildlife pond.

Strawberries were growing well and I did the well known pick & taste test..........hmmmmm they do taste nice!

I don't think I've ever been or got so close taking pictures of Bees in flight when collecting the pollen from flowers which will eventually make honey

I'm not sure of their names but I think the picture below is the Honey Bee in Flight!
The wings are so fast when in flight the regular camera can't pick up the shape of the wings.

 The Bumble Bee at work

A ladybird climbing the mesh of the soft fruit cage.

Gooseberries grow well; seeing them takes me back in time to my childhood with great memories.

The Common Backswimmer is the new resident in the Wildlife Pond.

                                                                 To Be Continued...........................

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