Sunday, February 3, 2013

Friday 12th October


I woke up at 7:30am. I had slept so heavy last night, I sure slept like a baby.
I woke up at 01:55 this morning to go to the loo, I usually sleep all night long now without any disturbances. Maybe it was my concern!
My brain was concerned about my friend, I was a bit restless, my brain was anxious.
I came back from the loo and I looked at my phone.
I actually verbally said “Mon dieu?” and “C’est la vie?”
The French came out of me, what I really said was “Oh, My God!” and then I said “You are alive?”
I felt that I had to reply, even at that hour.
I thought, should I reply or not, yes, no, yes, no. Now, morning, now, morning.
I thought even if I reply now at least my brain will feel better. :)I smiled to myself.
I thought that I slept so quickly that’s why I missed the text I thought I slept in about 10 minutes not an 1hr and 18mins later.
What a plonker I was, my eyes were awake but sleepy, I did see the minutes but I didn’t bother about the hrs? Did my brain want to go back to the 24hr clock, 1-24 eh!
I’m going to do some more make up diary words. I need to get back to date!
I shall speak to you all later as I need to do my Pauline’s gym then the swimming. :)

I did the bike and my rubber ball and all my balances on the blue brick.
Just now I can do the balances without touching anything. Wicked, Yes, Sorted.

I remember coming here and swimming here for the very first time.
When I got into the pool the water felt very delicious on my skin. I decided to do my lengths, a proper length. This was my new challenge.
As I swam, I could still talk at the same time. That was a great feat for me.
Chloe, the pool attendant remembered me from quite a while ago.
She halted the walking and chatted away to me for a few minutes.
We had a good blether and I told her that I had got to 17 lengths so far.
I told her that I would just do 3 more lengths and then I was finished.
She held her palm into a ball and punched it into the air and she said “20”
Well that’s me convinced at my fitness so far.
“I DONE IT!!” hey, I’m knackered.
When we were leaving Chloe, Steve and Jamie popped around for a picture with me.
I said to them that I would mention them on my blog, so here they are.
Steve had mentioned about my card in the back office on the wall.
They will have a wee peak at it later.
When I got home I was truly knackered. I had a scrumptious two sandwiches with crisps and biscuits, I had a huge feast.When I finished that, I lay down for a wee nap.
When I went downstairs I met JUANITA, she introduced me to GRAHAM.
Graham was such a nice wee guy.
Graham was a slippery small man with NO SHOES!
I will sort him out later.

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