Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tuesday 16th October

I woke up this morning at 04:00am. I went to the loo, but my nightie was full of the sweaty remains from my back with my sweat. Yeuk.
The T.V. was still on, naughty, naughty.
The remote was on the floor and I noticed it was on channel 4.
There was a movie still on, it was called Running Scared.
It was on from 02:25am to 04:25am.
I noticed it was about some hood – gun – cop killing – Ooh! TURN OFF.
Before I fell asleep I thought:-


I went back to sleep, thank goodness. Sleep.


I woke up at 07:28am, when I looked out the window it looked like it was going to be a wet day. The clouds looked black/greyish.
It was now 08:29am and I thought it was going to be bright.
The clouds started to break open with the sunshine.
It was now 08:30am, YES, the clouds were looking stormy and I thought that they were becoming a rebel too just like me.

My OT class was starting at 10:00am, I knew what I was going to do today.
I decided to make a picture of Madame FiFi the French Ballerina.
All of a sudden my OT lady asked could she try the ring for a few minutes to see what colour she would bring up. Purple straight away. WOW.
I was quiet. Peacefully. Picture finished. Madame FiFi.
I felt quite good with myself, I can be so quiet now.
When I was finishing my OT, Janiece was due to come and collect me as I needed to go and collect my energy lights and speakers for my lap top. I couldn’t wait till I got the speakers. That means that I can actually hear the movies properly on the lap top.
The telly has just given up on the DVD’s just now.
Janiece came to collect me and I had to take a picture of the Autumn leaves on the ground.
When we got home we had a lovely bowl of homemade minestrone soup. Beautiful.
We got into the car and went to get all the shopping done.
We had to go to M&S firstly, next on the list was H&M and then it was John Lewis.
Thank goodness Des’s present was changed. Hey Des, I hope you like it. XXX
I got some nice BURT’S BEES, beeswax lip balm. Baume pour les levres.
That is for my plooky face. :(
I went into La Patissier. Hmmmmmm :)
The last time I was in here was for the coffee and the cake at the Paralympics.
Latte, cappuccino, fruit flan and vanilla crème cake********nice eh!
I gulped down my last sip of the latte. Then next stop was John Lewis.
I love the taste of food. :)

As soon as we walked into the John Lewis store I saw two little boys in amongst all the other customers clucking away. They were called Frankie and Johnnie.
Janiece gave me into trouble for talking to these two boys.
I said “Catch you both later!” and laughed.
I’m stretching my imagination now.
What a brilliant brain now. Good Eh!


We left John Lewis and popped around to Marmadukes  again.
Marmadukes is on the ***************
Tim was pleased to see us again. What a shame that Claire was off today or maybe she was doing a bit of shopping too, just like us.
Tim and Claire who are married, have been so lovely with us.
They run a great wee fooderie, my words now, ha, ha.:)
They make the most beautiful Foccacia bread here.
Janiece decided to buy some  Foccacia bread for David, now that would go very nice with his dinner.
Stuart jumped into the picture too, he loved it. :)
Tim, what are you like!
I thought that I was terrible with the pictures but I think that you are just as bad for the picture just like me. :)
Today it was you and I.
Then you and Stuart and me,
Then it was you and me and Janiece.
Three pics in one event WoW


I seen a big pink FLUFFIE and I wanted to get one. I couldn’t stop cuddling it.
That did make me happy, I had the biggest smile from ear to ear.
When we left Costco I looked at my ring again for the colour.
It was bronze and gold. Hmmmmmmm
I was attracted to the sun again in the sky, how many pictures did I take, lots.
I seen the Castle in my view and I couldn’t wait to go home.
I got home and got ready for the medication and my PJ’s.
I looked at the T.V. and seen a movie to watch. It was on from 21:00 – 23:15.
The film title was “KISS THE GIRLS”.
The movie stars were Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd.
It was very interesting to watch the movie and understand what it was all about.
I feel quite cool that I properly understand what is happening in my brain.
I went to bed and slept well. zzzzzzzzz

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