Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday 14th October

I woke up this morning and the sun was just rising too.
I took the morning rising picture. I’m quite arty with the photography now.
I then got into my joggies and my Neurocare fitness T-Shirt.
While I was getting ready my door was knocked this morning. I shouted through the door and said, “Who are you?” The reply said “Bonjour Pauline, commont ca’va!”
I thought, “Hm, she must be French” I opened the front door and looked down at Madame FiFi. She was quite small to my big size 5 feet. She bent the left leg behind the right leg. The right leg was poised over the floor with a pointed right toe. She unruffled her wings and lay them on her leg. What a bow she gave me. When she stood up her legs were stuck together. She had her feet at 10 to 2 on the clock.
She was a ballet dancer. Her feet were flat and graceful. She gave me a pirouette on her right toe. She danced with Graham Jean-Paul last night but today she wants to fly through the air and dance with two rabbits. FiFi is a red robin ;-) she has big lashes on her big black eyes. When I get that itchy feeling in my thoughts, I just need to write.
Education is a great thing for our brains.
I was having a wee rest, as I felt exhausted with my brain. My brain has it’s own path.
It knows where it wants to go. My brain is my master. 
I got ready for my gym in my grey sweats and my purple neurocare T-Shirt.
I do my usual bike, my 20 minutes exercising. I use one weight and one bottle of water to do two work outs at the same time. I am a genius. :)
I stretch over on my leg, just like FiFi, my French friend.


I had looked out the window earlier and seen Paul the Gardener. We had a “Hello” from my window to the garden and a wee wave of our hands and a smile.
The weather was still nice with the sunshine. I hadn’t been outside yet, maybe later.
I had a knock on my door for lunch. When I got to the kitchen I seen that I had a chippy roll for my lunch.
How many years ago did I have that?
It must have been?...............Ooh, I don’t know!
I made a coffee and took my chippy to the back garden. The weather was beautiful.
My friend came out to sit with me. We had a pleasant lunch time chat.
I took a picture of the sunshine, and it was lovely.


I answered Roberts call. The sun was making a great shine for him.
Robert and I were talking about a get together at the weekend.
I thought I was waiting for Robert call me?
Maybe it was the opposite way around. Oops!
Robert and Julie were not long up, and for me it was half of my day. It was now 12:15pm and I still had lots of busy things doing nothing.
I told Robert that I would call him back in about 10 minutes when I went back to my room after my lunch “al’fresco”.
The sun was creating a big bright light towards me. I have a great feeling towards the clouds, sun and moon just now.
When I called Robert back he was stuck up to his elbows in the bath with Boyd.
Robert text me back that he was in the middle of the bath.
I then text him back.
I asked him to try to organise my time with them.
I’m engrossed with the sun and clouds again.
I lay on the bed and had a wee 20 minutes.


After having 20 minutes of napping I felt fresh and bright again.

The Sunday Dinner time suddenly arrived and there was not enough plates for all our hungry bellies! I went to my room and brought the two plates for hungry bellies that needed filling up. I love a Sunday dinner here, Juanita is a good chef for us.
I do appreciate one of our rehabilitee friends washes after our dinner. I think it’s a great gesture to help out with menial jobs. We are basically saying THANK YOU.

I was watching the Mock the Week with Darian O’Hara. That was funny to me.
I went downstairs to have a word with my plooky, spotty physician.
We had a funeral :(
It was the slither man Graham, Jean-Paul. :(
1 x luxuriant dance with Madame FiFi and then ……..BANG, a crash to the floor.
The slithery man with no shoes was gone. :(Bless him.
I went to my room and watched the T.V. I was quite surprised at being able to watch the programmes and now I know what it is all about. Before it was just the news to bring me up to date with my life, now, I know what all the laughter was about, and how far a story went.
I jumped into bed and made myself comfortable. Piers Morgan was the presenter.
He had Ronan Keating on the show with him. Ronan had his fame with Boyzone.
The poor boy was much publicised from the tabloids on his break up of marriage.
I felt how he felt due to the words from other people.
Ronan Keating sang “WASTED LIFE” his life, my life, bless us all. XXX
Goodnight All.

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