Sunday, February 3, 2013

Friday 19th October

I woke up, it was the morning.
I did my bike.
I did my fitness.
I had Alfonso round to watch a movie on the lap top.
We watched Sex and the City DVD, we laughed.
Drugs then bed?
I’m so tired with everyone.
My heart is so heavy with BITTERNESS.
Maybe if my body sleeps and it gets lost, how shall I find it?
Would I be able to find it?

I’m going to write a DEAR ALL letter.
People in this family of mine are so crude, bitter, rude, seething and angry.  
Hey, I could go on and on and on with my feelings just now.
Do I have time? ....................... NO.
Every second of my time is mine, its all mine.  It is so precious to me.
My heart is breaking into two.
Does anyone know ME?
People have spoken to me like a baby!!! I can hear!!! I’m 49yrs old!!!
Just because I could not speak then, doesn’t mean that I could not hear!
I have been so angry in my own heart over certain family expectations with me.
No one treated me like a 48yr old human being.
Was I supposed to be a person with a limited learning function, “Push that button?”
Woohoo, Pauline Quinn smiles,
Woohoo Pauline Quinn laughs,
Woohoo Pauline Quinn pushes her wheelchair,
Oops! Pauline Quinn had her first word in the hospital on the 18th February 2012.
One word!!!
I am a rebel; I do not let anyone talk for me.

I’m going to write my DEAR ALL and then bed.

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