Sunday, February 3, 2013

Monday 15th October

This morning I woke up at 07:10am. I looked out the window at the sky and it looked rather mixed up for me. It looked dark for me but there was some brightness trying to escape out for me. The sky was producing the colours, dancing on the clouds.
That was how my heart felt, black with a light touch of red.
Has anyone really known ME!
Does anyone really know all the trials that I have gone through!
Not only did I have:-
My Subarachnoid Brain Haemorrhage,
My stroke,
My seizures.
I still have to steadily push my way through them?
It’s no wonder that I get angry. I moan and groan all the time.
I was getting myself ready to go to the Clowne Farm.
I just love a Monday morning.
When we got to the Farm, I said “Bon jour mon amie’s” as we were making our way through the pigs, Tahlula, Brian and friends. Then we had the geese clucking about and flapping in their little pond. Then, the rabbits, Madame FiFi, Phillipe, Jean-Paul, Salvatore, Jean-Phillipe, then our big boys (rabbits) Cristian and Richard. It was lovely to greet them all first thing in the morning with a “Bonjour”
Once the greeting was finished we went for a cuppa. There was Dianne and Rachael busy clicking away on the keyboards. I went to put on the kettle and the ladies were ready for my story again. They were sitting and ready to listen to me.
I said to them “Are you ready for my story?”
I started telling them the story of the French Ballerina Madame FiFi and Graham Jean-Paul and their quartet side step dancing.
When I finished my story I met up with Blue, Meg and wee Pip.
Every time I see Pip there is always something in his mouth. Today it’s a football.
Meg always tries to get in to see you first.
She always wants to be the first animal for the first cuddle for the first smile she wants to be the first animal to have the first attention, it was great, she loved it.
I was going to clean Salvatore’s hutch and I put his bowl on the roof and “SMASH”
I picked up the pieces and chapped the office window of Ian’s. I thought “Ooop’s”
I heard Salvatore calling me over to see him. He was speaking to me in Italian.
He told me it was ok with his bowl, and not to upset myself with the breakage.
I did manage to hear his words but hey, he is Italian. I really couldn’t understand!
Salvatore asked me for a kiss. J I thought, well he is nice, he’s gorgeous actually.
The two of us went for a nice walk together.
The sun was shining and we were both happy.
I got his lunch ready for today, he had a courgette and some potatoes. He started having a wee sneaky pick of his lunch. He found a comfortable corner to relax his bones and hummed in Italian to me, it was such a beautiful rhythmic sound.
One of the other pigs was having a tiresome time over her baby.
She couldn’t feed the baby properly, the food was disappearing.
I had done all that I could and then I went to the office.
Ian and his son John were busy typing away, catching up with work at the farm.
Liam arrived for a good bit of talking from us.
Blue was finding out what was going on today!
Eventually my chauffeur turned up for us. We headed home for some lunch.

Firstly when I got into the kitchen, I made myself some vegetable soup and some crusty bread. Hmmmm.
I then added my dinner request to their note so I asked for “CHILLI PLEASE”
I was getting all my things sorted first.
The clouds were getting darker again, today it just did not feel right!
Now, why do I have PLOOKS!!!
We were all discussing my plooks in the kitchen.
I wanted to know WHY???
One of the girls was using the internet on her phone to find out the spots that I have.
It was very interesting for me.
Someone else spoke about the Manuka Honey!!
This can be used for sore wounds and stomach ailments. I think it’s from Asia and New Zealand. I think it comes in Plus 5, Plus 10, onwards.
Someone else said to go for the beeswax lip balsam. Was it Vaseline??
My skin is looking like I have gone right through the wars now.


I had to go to my appointment with a friend of mine.
We both had to have the big JAB!
My plooky Physician and I enjoyed our conversation as we walked to the Doctors.
I spoke about this and that, she is a good listener to my moans and groans.
It was very nice to strip all the baggage from my shoulders.
As we got into the Doctors I loved the big sign to advertise the Flu Jab!
The lad next to me found it quite funny that I needed the picture of the cartoon looking animals/people. I told him it was my blob/blog. He laughed with us too.
When ANDY HALL knew what it was for he jumped in for a picture too.
Andy is a scaffolder, I call him HIGH HEIGHTS MAN.
I laughed again.
Andy passed on his e-mail address, Oops, it’s just for me, not you. :)
Thanks Andy :)
When we got into the “Flu Jab room” I couldn’t understand where the flu jab went to.
I started acting silly.
Was the jab going into my “BUM”. I laughed again.
When I eventually got into the clinic room, the flu jabber nurse had seen me before.
We giggled like kids again. My sides were getting achy now.
I laughed and laughed and laughed.
The jabber nurse had got a cold, well that was so funny again.
Going for a flu jab by a girl who had a cold :)
I made my face look like it was in so much pain.
I was being an actress now, very dramatic, I should have fallen to the floor.  :)
I didn’t even feel it!
After all the needles that I have had, that was just a little prick. He, he, he!


We were on our way back home and the staff seen Gemma!
Gemma used to work where I live just now in the rehabilitation house.
The first thing that I said was “Ah, She’s so PRETTY”
I did say that but I also said “Hey, I’m not gay!!”
She was pretty, but I need to get all the proporations right first
*****please**fix word***
Gemma wanted to be on the net with me, so here she is. J


Mee, Mee is such a wee cutie.
We waited to go home and chattered at the bus stop. Gemma said to us to wait till she got off at her stop and then it was our stop next. We said OK.


Gemma was the first person to get on the Stagecoach bus.
She paid her £1:00 for her Stagecoach bus fare.
I was the next person on the Stagecoach bus.
The Stagecoach bus driver asked Gemma for money for the dog.!!!!....................
Gemma brought her purse out again and paid 50 pence for little Mee, Mee.
My mouth was …………………….
AGOG !!!
My mouth was so far open, I couldn’t really know what was happening with the fares.
I was totally shocked.
I asked Gemma and she said “YES, the Stagecoach bus drivers charge for dogs to pay for their fares?” I said “How can Stagecoach bus companies insist for dogs to pay for their journey’s!”
I told Gemma, “SORRY darling, but dogs do not get any wages, they have no purses. Why do they have to PAY!”
In Scotland dogs get on the buses for free.
Why do dogs not get on for free HERE!
Do you have to pay 50 pence for a rabbit it a cage?
Do you have to pay 50 pence for a beautiful bird in a bird cage?
Do you have to pay 50 pence for a slithering snake in a big bag?
Do you have to pay 50 pence for a brand new baby??????
I think they all must re-adjust this new money claim.

I will fight for us all.

We got off the bus and headed home, I looked at a bus and laughed again.
“SCOOBY AND SHAGGY” They were just chatting away in their American accent.
“Scooby, ooby, doo”
I said “HELLO” to the boys and I carried on laughing, laughing, laughing.
I got home and my friend got his rhythm fingers out.
The tune was very familiar to me. I remembered hearing it before, not here, there.
It’s like one of the sayings I say. “I don’t want it now, I want it yesterday”.
I’m sure it was “POLYTHENE”.
Once the music was finished I went to my room to watch the television.
I fancied watching 8 out of 10 Cats.
That took me back. I can concentrate on the television now. Superb.
Jimmy Carr still presented the programme.
Sean Lock and Jon Richardson were still the captains.
Nick Helm & Rob Beckett were alongside Jason Biggs & Nicola Adams.
They were all good in the Topical News Quiz.
Each side on the bench were so funny, I laughed again.
The clouds were knitting together again, they were getting dark again and yet they opened up the clouds and showed me an extra glimpse of the sun every now and then.
My emotion ring kept changing the colour, one minute it’s blue then it’s a green turquoise colour then occasionally it’s a purple colour. Pheww!
How often does my feeling change with all of the hassle in my life.
I watch the ring every day to know what effects my life.
There is certain words which effect my inner feelings, I know that now.
I then have my medication and get ready for bed.
I felt peaceful, content and happy. I shall certainly sleep like a baby.
Goodnight. Bon Nuit zzzzzzzzzzzz

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